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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Big Day Out In Joplin

Big Day Out In Joplin

You and some of your girlfriends have rented a limousine and you want to get out and have a day of fun in Joplin, Missouri. There are loads of great things to do in this area, you just need to find them all. Maybe you want to hit the stores for a little, okay, a lot of shopping. You will find that this area is brimming with tons of places to get out and shop to your little heart's content. Once you have filled up the limousine with millions of shopping bags, where will you go next?

Well, first things first! You need to find some happening shopping venues to start off your limousine excursion with the girls. This is a great way for a large group of you to be able to get together and ride together for the day instead of having to split up in separate cars.

Now, you can all burst with excitement together as you pull up to the Joplin Northpark Mall. This is shopping at its absolute finest. You will not believe your eyes, or your wallets when you see all of the lovely stores and great bargains that you can find all in this one great location. There are over 100 shops and 6 department stores for your shopping pleasure!

Now that you have gotten your fill on shopping for a little while, you should all pile back into the limousine and think of where to go next. The best place to go would probably be a fun, yet relaxing restaurant where you can all go do sit back, maybe have a couple of drinks and talk about all of the great deals that you found earlier in the day. Club 609 is just perfect for this!

This is an awesome place that has some of the tastiest food around. All of their entrees are moderately priced, and the menu is superb. A stop here is the perfect ending location for your limousine shopping excursion through Joplin.

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