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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cincinnati Prom Night Limousine

When you rent a limousine for your prom, you want to make the most of it. Many times, prom-goers feel the need to leave the prom early so that they can go out and hit the streets to find a few more exciting places to go. There is just nothing better than going out on the town with your date in a limousine once you leave the prom. How cool is it that you can ride around all over the place and check out some of the best nightspots in the area, and you do not have to worry about driving at all? Not only is this a fun idea, it is also a safe idea.

Well, if you are going to be checking out the nightlife, you want someplace really exciting to go. One place that many locals enjoy is called Sudsy Malone's Rock and Roll Laundry. Yes, Laundry! Have the limo driver swing you and your prom date over to the interesting location at 2626 Vine Street so you can check this unique place out. This is actually a Laundromat and a club all in one. So, if you have soiled any of your clothing while you have been out on the town, you can clean it here while you enjoy yourself with your prom date! Many times, you may be able to catch a live local or regional band on the stage. If you would like, you can even grab your prom date and start moving out on the dance floor to the crazy beats that are played. This is a stop on your limousine tour after the prom that you will be talking about for quite some time afterward!

Are you in the mood for sharing a few laughs with your date after the prom? Well, they always say that laughter is the best medicine. At Go Bananas, they really take that policy to heart every night of the week. Tell that limousine driver that you and your prom date would like to be dropped off at 8410 Market Place so that you can see what Go Bananas is all about. This is a great comedy club that is known for showcasing some really talented stand-up comedians. Since the 1980s, this club has grown in popularity and often schedules both regional and national comics for your enjoyment. Tell the limo driver to come in and enjoy a few chuckles with you and your prom date. After all, you want everyone to have a great time on prom night!

Are you getting to be a bit on the hungry side by now? If so, you should treat your prom date to a tasty meal at Arnold's Bar and Grill. The limo driver will probably know the location at 210 East 8th Street very well. This was an actual saloon that had been built way back in 1861. The menu offers up some really tasty selections of Italian-American eats made to make your mouth water. You and your prom date may even be able to enjoy a great live band before you have to end your limousine evening.

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