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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sacramento by Limo: A Capital Idea!

Sacramento by Limo: A Capital Idea!

After a full day of tourist-ing around Sacramento, visiting countless museums and the state capitol buildings, what's left to do? You've come to the right place for a fun answer: First, hire a luxurious limousine from US Coachways. More than a mere ride, a limousine is an experience. Plan an intimate date for two or get thirty-or-so of your best friends together and make a total party of it. Either way, you're in for a fabulous evening and a sure memory-maker.

Arrange for your sleek, comfortable limo to pick you up just before sunset and ask your dedicated, professionally-uniformed chauffeur to take you to Frasinetti's Winery at 7395 Frasinetti Road for the tastiest Italian cuisine in Sacramento. Frasinetti's is the oldest family-owned winery in the area and offers free wine tasting so dinner patrons may select the perfect bottle to go with dinner. Be sure to try the Chicken Scallopini-- it's quite remarkable!

Once you're nourished and re-energized by the blazing California sunset, climb back into the rich comfort of your US Coachways limousine and it's off to the Mardi Gras Lanes at 4800 Madison Avenue for some local color and a few lanes of.. bowling! Really-- you have to try it to believe it. Nothing like cruising up to a bowling alley in a long, lovely limousine. Oh, and the rental shoes coordinate so well with your fancy outfits, too. Limo nights are just made for creating memories and this is one you'll never be able to forget.

For another kind of fun, limo on over to The Blue Lamp Lounge at 1400 Alhambra Boulevard where you can relax over yummy adult beverages and enjoy the most motley assortment of live music this side of San Francisco Bay. When you have a professionally trained chauffeur to do all the driving, you can do the Blue Lamp right, knowing that you'll be delivered to your door safely whenever you want.

It's hard to let a night like this one end, so after you've closed down the Blue Lamp, hop into your limo and take the long way to Bean Me Up at 1735 Arden Way. Linger over that one last mug of cappuccino and reminisce about the night you've just had. Certainly nobody had a better time in Sacramento and your luscious limousine had a lot to do with that.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

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