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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Limo Renting Tips For Your Wedding

Okay, so you've popped the BIG question and she said yes, and while the both of you are busy with the wedding preparations, you should never take renting a limousine for granted. The limousine adds drama and grandeur to the whole thing…and girls love these things. There are many nitty-gritty details that we have to pay special attention to – after all, it's a big thing, so, everything counts. Women want fairytale weddings and you're not going to win brownie points for not putting in extra effort into the wedding plans. The limousine ride, although short, should be sweet. Your wedding limousine ride should be an unforgettable, delightful and romantic experience, one that is befitting of such a momentous event of your life.

Well, just how do you go about making sure that the limousine you get is what you expect for your grand day? Homework . That's the answer. Do your homework and do it well. Research and find the best limousine service provider with the handsomest limousine in town. It'd do you loads of good too if you asked around to see if your friends or family have good recommendations. Usually, word of mouth is the best – but as if you don't already know that. The next best thing to getting recommendations for good limousine service providers is to test out the limousine yourself. Go there, don't be lazy, pay the showroom a little surprise visit and see the limousine for yourself.

Here are a few more limousine renting tips to get you going.

  • Remember, you are not the only one looking to rent a limousine for your wedding day, so it is best to reserve a wedding limousine at least six months ahead of the big day.

  • When it comes to comparing the rental charges, never put the cheapest price on the top of your list of reasons to choose a limousine company. Cheap rental does not guarantee that the limousines are in good working condition or if you want to rent the latest limousine model, you will not be able to find it in the cheap rental category.

  • Do not be fooled with limousine advertisements on “affordable” rental rates – you may be getting an old 1992 limousine model, or worse, the limousine may just turn up at your doorstep with marks and stains of food and drinks from the previous night's rental service. No bride in her right mind would want to sit on a stained seat in her beautiful wedding gown, right? What kind of a fairytale wedding ride is THAT going to be?

  • Also, check on the reliability of the limousine company. If you have had friends or family members who have rented a limousine before, find out from them how reliable the limousine company was and if they turned up at the expected hour. Some limousine rental companies have the tendency to be late for the pickups, so, if this is the case, remind them in all ways you can (email, phone, fax, text messages, post it notes…whatever) that you want them to be on the dot for pickup.

  • It is also important that you check with the limousine company if they have backup limousines in the event that the one that you have agreed to rent is involved in an accident prior to your event or if it has mechanical problems.

  • It is also a norm to tip a limousine chauffeur 20% of the limousine fee

  • Another important factor to look into is the insurance and the permit of the limousine company. Ask for proof before you sign a contract with them.

  • Don't part with a single cent of your hard-earned money until you're REALLY sure you like the limousine company. Deposits are usually non-refundable! So, don't say we didn't warn you.

Get to know the driver…we're not saying that you have to request for his or her personal biodata but at least know who the limousine driver is, his or her name, age, and most importantly, the limousine driver's experience in driving a limousine. The more experienced the limousine driver is, the better. But, of course, it goes without saying but you'll be surprised at the number of people who never cared to ask and later found out that they're stuck with a teenager who just got his driving license the week before! And besides, it's your wedding and you have the right to ask and know to whom you're handing your wedding (and life) to during the limousine ride. Most limousine companies will provide these details upon request – in fact, good limousine service companies will hand the information over without a second thought.

This might sound a little petty but right from the start, ask the limousine service company if they offered any special items during the ride, better to have it all out in the open right from the start, we always say. Do they provide free soft drinks, champagne, bottled water, peanuts…etc in the limousine during the ride? These are some of the perks that we get when we rent a limousine and if the limousine company does NOT provide these items and you feel like you'd like some champagne or drinks in the limousine, get their prices for these items.

Renting a limousine may just be a minor part of your wedding, but with proper guidance and research, your wedding day may just be one with great memories that lasts a lifetime.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

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Limo Renting Tips for Your Wedding
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