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Friday, September 08, 2006

Peoria Limousine

Getting out with the guys is never any easier than having a limousine take you to all of the best bars in Peoria. There are just tons of things that you can do in this area once the sun goes down. Take some time so that you can put together a plan of attack for the evening and you should be able to get in several limousine stops before the night is through. Without having to draw straws for the designated driver, you can all sample tasty brews and your favorite mixed drinks without having to worry about getting home. Your limousine driver will be there to get you just where you need to go.

How can you all go wrong with a stop at one of the hottest sports bars in the entire Peoria area? Have your limousine driver take you over to 316 Southwest Washington so that you can hit the Inzone Sports Bar within the Maxam Building. You are guaranteed to have fun whether you are watching the game or just mingling with some of the other patrons. Certainly, there are great eats and plenty of drinks to be had with this particular limousine stop.

Next up, why not have your limousine pull up to Martini's on Water Street, right near the River Station Complex. There are over fifty delicious and incredible martinis that you can order from at the full bar! You can check out great musical acts including jazz on either Friday or Saturday nights, so be sure to plan your limousine outing in Peoria accordingly.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Orangeville Limousine

When you are looking to find a new area to go out and have fun in, you should think about having a limousine take you around to some of the hotspots that can be found in Orangeville. Although this is a small area compared to some of those in the state, it is still packed with all sorts of interesting venues that are well worth a visit by you and all of your friends. Get ready for lots of good times and have your limousine driver pick you all up at a certain time. You are sure to make plenty of memories while you are in Orangeville.

Although you may just think that it is a pizza joint, do not be fooled by the look of Asa's Bar & Pizza, located over on 323 West High Street. The atmosphere and patrons that make up a limousine stop at this establishment will prove to be more than worth your time. Order up your favorite toppings on a large pie and you and all of your friends can dine with smiles and delicious ice cold beer. Ask some of the people at this place if they know where you can stop for your next limousine destination.

Another place that you can hit is appropriately called Other Place, located on 317 West High Street. You will never feel as though you have missed out on anything, especially once you take a sip of a perfectly mixed drink from the full bar. Start a conversation with some of the locals and you are guaranteed to have an interesting time at this Orangeville limousine stop.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Muncie Limousine

Do not worry about running out of cool places to visit when you are looking to celebrate your bachelor party while riding on a limousine in Muncie. There are plenty of great places that you and your friends are sure to enjoy, you just have to be on the lookout for all of them. Surely, you are sure to find your friendly limousine driver to be quite helpful in your search as well. Once you embark, you and all of your friends will find a ton of awesome places where you can go to celebrate your upcoming marriage.

Stirling's Bar & Eatery is always a good bet, located over on 114 North Mulberry Street. You will be very pleased with all of the tasty items that you will have to choose from on the menu. Perhaps you will want to grab a juicy burger or even a pasta dish. No matter what you decide on, there are also great beer selections that you can order to go along with it. The staff at this establishment is always pretty helpful and kind, making it a great stop for your bachelor outing.

Get ready for another pleasing stop when you and all of your limousine friends show up at Heorot, located on 219 South Walnut Street. A good many people in the area make a trip to this establishment so that they can try one of the great beers from the full bar. Ales, lagers, you name it and you can have it at this one Muncie limousine stop!

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Moline Limousine

Do not forget to have the limousine pick you up in time for happy hour when you are setting out for adventure in Moline. After all, this is the perfect way to be able to take advantage of incredible drink specials and fabulous locals to hang out with while you are mingling. Have your friends meet at your place so that the limousine can pick you up to begin your Moline excursion. Get ready for good times and be sure that you hit the ATM before you head out so that you will have plenty of cash while you are at all of the bars and clubs.

The River House Bar and Grill over on 1510 River Drive within the John Deere Commons is a great place to hit when you want to make a stop during happy hour. They always have plenty of interesting drink specials and you are sure to love the wonderful bistro style of the interior. Mingling with some of these locals is sure to buy you one or two interesting conversations, making for a fun time to be had by all.

By the time you are finished over at the River House, you may be on the lookout for a happening place where you can go to dance for a while. Have your limousine driver take all of you in the direction of a place called Lollie's, which can be found over on 1829 2nd Avenue within the Rock Island Arts and Entertainment District. The dance floor at this venue is always packed, and rightly so with all of the best music being played nightly. You and your friends can dance the night away at this fun Moline limousine destination.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Merrillville Limousine

Anyone who has ever been out in Merrillville will tell you that the best way to do it is with a little bit of help from a limousine. After all, with this sort of transportation, you do not have to worry about any of the regular hassles that come along from driving. All you have to do is choose a few great destinations and you are all well on your way to an amazing and memorable limousine evening. The only thing you really have to bring along with you is a great attitude and some funds for the night.

Start the evening festivities off by asking your friendly limousine driver to take you all over to the Aberdeen Brewing Company, located on 210 Aberdeen Drive. Certainly, there are plenty of great food items here that you can order up to go with whatever drink you will be sipping. They even have a specialty burger that consists of a half pound of juicy ground sirloin! The interior of this place is clean and quaint, with all of the makings for a great time out with your friends.

Do you think that you will be in the mood for a "wild" location for the next stop on your Merrillville limousine adventure? If so, then you can head out to the Khaki Club, located over on 800 East 81st Avenue. This place has plenty of tropical decor, including lush plant life and wonderful waterfalls. You can even order up one of many different tropical drinks that will make you feel like you have traveled to an exotic location. What a great way to celebrate any occasion with your limousine friends in Merrillville.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Marion Limousine

If you are going to be visiting Marion with friends, you may want to think about renting a limousine to make an evening out of it. There are all sorts of fun and friendly places that you can stop along the way that you are sure to love. Tell your limousine driver that you may want to grab a bite to eat and enjoy some drinks and he or she may even have some nice recommendations for you. Bring some extra spending money and a fun and light attitude and you should be pleasantly surprised with the time that you will have.

A nice stop that you are sure to hear about while searching for establishments is called Malone's Bar & Grill. This place can be found over on 515 North Washington Street. Whether you are looking to share some appetizers with your limousine pals or you are hungry for an entire meal, this place cannot be beat. Pair your food with a cold beer or a perfectly mixed drink and you will find yourself loving life! Where do you think you will have the limousine bring you and all of your friends in Marion next?

Another place in town that is always nice for a laid back visit is called Good Time Charlie's. You will find this friendly venue located on 3448 South Adams Street. Do not be afraid to head on up to the bar to order up something cold and delicious. After all, none of you have to worry about driving in Marion because you have the swank limousine to get you where you need to go!

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Makawao Limousine

When you set out on a limousine adventure in Makawao, you are going to be very pleased with all of the wonderful venues and clubs that you will be able to visit. Just ask your friendly limousine driver to take you and all of your friends out to some of your chosen destinations and just the let the evening take you where it may. Whether you are out celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party or even a birthday, there is nothing better than a limousine adventure when you are surrounded by good friends!

Perhaps your limousine driver is already familiar with a place called the Stopwatch Sports Bar & Grill, located over on 1127 Makawao Avenue. Once you arrive, you will be greeted with smiling faces and a light and fun atmosphere. Order up something tasty from the menu, which happens to have favorites such as sandwiches, seafood and juicy steaks. There are plenty of incredible beers on tap that you can order up and perhaps you will even find great enjoyment in the talented Hawaiian bands that are known to play here from time to time.

Do not let the limousine wait for you too long! If you feel like dancing, you can actually have your driver take you over to Casanova Italian Restaurant. This great find is located right on 1188 Makawao Avenue. Sure, there is terrific food here as well, but once you hear the music you may find yourself thinking about anything but pasta! There are always plenty of friendly locals that you can mingle with at this particular stop on your limousine Makawao adventure.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Lahaina Limousine

Thinking about taking some time with some of your friends in Lahaina for a limousine adventure? Well, if you are then you are really in for an amazing time because there are so many cool places that you can visit in that area. You can have your limousine driver take you off for a bite to eat and then drinks, or you may even want to skip right to the drinks! Wherever you have the limousine take you, as long as you are amongst friends and great atmosphere, you should have a phenomenal time.

Have your limousine driver take you over to a fun place on 844 Front Street called Moose McGillycuddy's. You are always sure to enjoy the cold, delicious drinks served here. There is regular live music or great DJs showing off their talents. You should never be afraid to head onto the dance floor to strut your stuff if the mood happens to strike you. While you visit here, you are going to be surrounded by friendly people who are just out to have a good time like you and your limousine pals.

Perhaps you have heard one of the locals talking about a place called the Lobby Lounge? This stop can be found within the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua on 1 Ritz Carlton Drive. The lighting and mood here is always just right for great conversation over drinks. Perhaps you will want to order up the signature Kapalua martini or one of the other drinks that feature fresh pineapple juice. Whatever you will be sipping, you and your limousine friends are bound to have a great time in Lahaina.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Lagrange Limousine

If you have never been to Lagrange, then there is no better time than when you have rented a sweet limousine to take you out on the town. Although this is one of the smaller towns in the state, there are still plenty of things that you can see and do. Once you have a list of destinations put into place, you can then have your limousine driver bring you around to all of them. You are bound to see that this is an amazing way to get out and have an incredible time with all of your friends, with the wonderful possibility of making some new friends along the way.

The Courtside Restaurant Lounge, located over on 112 East Spring Street is always a nice choice in the Lagrange area. This is a nice place with great atmosphere, friendly staff and wonderful meal choices. There is also a full bar so that you can make a selection or two for drinks to go with whichever meal that you are thinking of ordering. Since you are out with your friends in a limousine, you may even want to raise your glasses to toast to a memorable evening.

Have your driver take you over to 121 South Detroit Street to the Detroit Street Bar & Grill before your night is over. Not only can you mingle with locals over drinks, there are also pool tables in case you feel like shooting a game or two. Do a little bit of people watching, order your favorite drinks and enjoy all that this Lagrange limousine outing has to offer your group of friends.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lafayette Limousine

You cannot celebrate your birthday in Lafayette with your friends without renting a sweet limousine for transportation. This is a great way to get out and see everything while not having to worry one little bit about driving. Relax with your friends in the limousine and pick different destinations for celebrating. Maybe you will even find a new place to go that can become one of your new favorites. The possibilities are endless when you enlist the help of a limousine and a dependable and friendly driver.

Sgt. Preston's of the North is a nice place to go when you want to order drinks to go along with incredible eats. Your limousine driver will find this establishment located on 6 North 2nd Street. Once you arrive, you may find yourself getting swept up in the rustic saloon atmosphere and friendly ambiance. Some of the menu items here include delicious steak selections as well as seafood, pastas and more. There are plenty of incredible drinks that flow from the full bar as well. You and your limousine friends may even be showing up on a night when a live band will be hitting the stage.

If you are looking to dance as a part of your birthday celebration, you can have your driver swing over to 306 West State Street to the Boiler Room. You are sure to find this limousine stop to be quite inviting, especially once you catch a glimpse of the crowd on the dance floor. This is truly an incredible way to celebrate your birthday and your limousine adventure in Lafayette.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Indianapolis Limousine

You are never going to find yourself enduring a dull moment when you have a limousine take you out on the town in Indianapolis. There are just so many things that you can see and do while you are out. Have your limousine driver pick you and all of your friends up at a certain time and you can all set out for a great excursion. No matter where you are traveling to, you and your friends should really enjoy being able to chill out together in the back of the limousine. Besides, you will not have to go through the process of choosing a designated driver, which can make life a whole lot easier.

The Red Key Tavern is a wonderful limousine stop that you and your friends should like quite a bit. Your driver will find this location on 5170 North College Avenue. The decor is quite nice, with a fun 50s theme. There is, of course, a full bar that you and your limousine pals may order from. If you would like, there are also various food items that you can order up for snacking with your drinks.

If you have never heard of the Broad Ripple Brew Pub, located on 840 East 65th Street, you will not feel as though you are lacking in beer options, because there are plenty of amazing choices on the menu. Perhaps you can get in a good amount of people watching at this stop as well. Get ready for an amazing limousine outing while you are in Indianapolis!

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Galena Limousine

When you find that you really need to get out and have a good time with your friends in Galena, you should think about enlisting the help of a dependable limousine to get you to all of your destinations for the evening. Imagine what it will be like when you do not have to worry at all about any of the hassles that can come along with not having to drive. All you have to do is make your way to and from the limousine at all of your chosen bars and clubs. You will never have to find a parking spot or draw straws to choose a designated driver.

Make some plans ahead of time for your entire limousine crew to hit a cool place in the area called the Paradise Bar and Grill. You will find this popular stop located over on 205 North Main Street, filled with lots of happy patrons. Order up delicious appetizers or entrees to munch on and possibly even a Blue Paradise Martini, which happens to be one of the house favorites. Often times, you will be able to enjoy live musical acts as well as shoot pool or even play foosball or darts.

The Grape Escape is another fabulous stop in Galena that you will fall in love with, located over on 233 South Main Street. There are literally tons of incredible drinks that you can choose from at this establishment, from martinis and fine wine, to tropical delights and shooters. It is a good thing that you and all of your Galena outing pals have a limousine to bring you home at the end of the night!

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Freeport Limousine

Go ahead and set aside some time so that you can take advantage of a limousine ride throughout Freeport. Gather up some of your coolest friends who are always looking to get out and party and you are sure to find yourself having an amazing time in no time at all. Surely, there are lots of awesome places in Freeport that you can visit for food, drinks and even dancing. It all depends on what you are looking to do when you go out for the night. Ask your limousine driver to pull up in front of every location and you are sure to look like VIPs to all of the other patrons in attendance.

Morts & Saint's is the perfect place that you can go to get your party started right. Have the limousine bring you over to the location on 114 South Chicago Avenue so you can head inside to check out the scene. You will be able to order many different food items, from juicy burgers piled high with toppings or even pasta dishes. There is a great full bar as well that you and your limousine friends may order delicious drinks from.

Do not forget that you will need to make your way over to another establishment in the Freeport area called Jumpin' Joe's. Pull up in front of this location on 1100 West Galena Avenue and you are sure to hear the sounds of folks having an incredible time inside. Make your way in to order a round of ice cold beer and celebrate your Freeport limousine adventure with some of the locals in attendance.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fort Wayne Limousine

Get out and cut loose with some friends during a limousine adventure in Fort Wayne. It really doesn't take much to have a great time when you are on such an excursion. All you have to do is just choose a couple of cool stops and let your limousine driver take care of all of the driving. You are sure to have all kinds of fun at some of the local bars and clubs, and you may even find yourself a few new places along the way where you can party.

Don't worry, they serve up a lot more than non-alcoholic beverages at Club Soda, located over on 235 East Superior Street. This is a great limousine stop where you can get delicious food while sipping perfectly mixed drinks. You will even take great enjoyment in the amazing live jazz playing in the background. Perhaps you and the other members of your Fort Wayne limousine crew will want to try one of the many martinis on the martini menu, which happens to be six pages long! What a great limousine stop this will turn out to be.

When it comes time to party and listening to great live, local bands, there is none other than Flashbacks On the Landing, located over on 8 West Columbia Street. You are sure to enjoy the great staff on hand, who are always available to make good drink recommendations. Chill out and relax with the rest of your limousine friends while you enjoy all of the Fort Wayne locals at this particular stop during the evening.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Evansville Limousine

Once you begin to look, you are bound to find a good amount of nice places that you can visit in Evansville with your friends in a limousine. There is nothing like setting out on the town for good times with good friends. You are sure to find all sorts of great memories being made while everyone is gathered and talking in the limousine. Let your carries wash away with each stop that you make, and keep an open mind and a good attitude. You may just figure that a limousine is really the only way to go!

Make your way over to 1000 North Park Drive in order to get things going at the Oxygen Night Club. Good times are sure to be had all around, especially if anyone in your limousine group is looking to find a great member of the opposite sex to chat with. This stop is well known for a great way for single folks to mingle and have fun. Even if you are taken, you are sure to have an incredible time with the full bar and the popular music that pumps through the speakers.

Perhaps you didn't get enough to eat before you left the house this evening. If so, then just ask your limousine driver to head over to 201 West Illinois Street to the Brick House Bar & Grill. Not only does this place cook up tasty eats, there are also plenty of wonderful drink selections that you can choose from. You and the rest of your limousine gang are sure to be thrilled that you stopped by this Evansville location for food and good times.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Elgin Limousine

You are bound to have an incredible limousine adventure in Elgin once you come up with a good list of bars or clubs that you may want to visit. Perhaps you have a promotion that you want to celebrate or you or someone that you know may have a birthday coming up. No matter what you are looking to do, the limousine excursion should definitely be a good way to get out and have drinks and make memories without having to deal with any sort of hassles from driving. You may even find that this will be the only way that you will want to go out from now on.

When you are in Elgin, you are sure to hear about a great place called Eaton's Redwood Inn, located over on 118 West Chicago Street. It is great to stop by here for food and drinks with your friends. There are plenty of friendly people on the staff who can give you recommendations when it comes to amazing mixed concoctions. Relax amidst the calm environment and enjoy wonderful conversation with those folks who are in your limousine crew. Perhaps you can all decide on your next destination along the way.

Although the venue is a bit on the smaller side, you really need to stop by and check out the Martini Room, located on 161 East Chicago Street. This place is very well known for some of the absolute best martinis in the entire area. If you can find a place to sit for a while, you will all agree that this was a perfect choice of limousine stops in Elgin.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Decatur Limousine

Planning an outing in Decatur gets a whole lot easier when you have a cool limousine to take you and all of your friends out to the local clubs and bars. There is a whole new element of fun to be had when you set out on such an incredible adventure. Grab some drinks with your friends and perhaps even stop along the way for a delicious meal. It is guaranteed that once you go out in a limousine this way, you will never want to head out without one ever again.

Start things off on a lighter note at Katz Piano Bar, which happens to be located on 112 North Merchant Street. This is a terrific place to go where you can chill out with your friends on some of the comfy furniture amidst incredible atmosphere. If you would like, you can even order up either a fondue plate or desserts to go along with some of your cocktails. This, along with the great live music has all of the makings of the perfect way to start off your limousine evening in Decatur.

If you are looking for another great establishment during your outing, you can always look to Lock Stock & Barrel, located over on 129 South Oakland Avenue. This is a fun and friendly place that has great eats, cold drinks and all sorts of amazing staff to help you have an incredible time while you are visiting. It won't take you long at this Decatur establishment to find out that the rest of your limousine crew are having the time of their lives.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Chicago Limousine

It is really no secret at all that Chicago has literally a ton of incredible places that you can visit when you are out and about on a limousine adventure with friends or family members. These types of limousine outings are the kinds of adventures that go down in the history books of great times. You will not have to worry about anything except where your next stop along the way will be. Do not forget to stop for appetizers and drinks at a place in the beginning of your adventure as a great way to start you off.

Make your way to Murphy's Bleachers over on 3655 North Sheffield Avenue so that you can chill with some of the locals. There are tables available that you can enjoy on the sidewalk for lots of people watching while you are enjoying snacks and drinks. You may even want to sample the pink vodka lemonade, which is the delicious signature drink of the house. This is one limousine stop that will get you in the mood for many more great Chicago destinations during your evening out.

One of the absolute hottest places to go in the area is called Ghostbar, located on 440 West Randolph Street. As a matter of fact, this venue is actually known to have quite a few celebrity sightings from time to time. You are sure to fall in love with their signature Ghostini, as well as the music that the DJ spins. This, along with your other stops for the evening are sure to make for an amazing Chicago limousine adventure.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Champaign Limousine

There is never a shortage of amazing stops when you are having a beautiful limousine take you and all of your friends out on the town in Champaign. What's that? You are getting married soon? Well, then you and all of your girls are sure to have an incredible bachelorette out in when you have the help of a limousine in this area. Take the time to sip some delicious drinks and snack on appetizers and maybe then you can have the limousine driver take you all off so that you can dance for a while.

The Esquire Lounge is a nice stop that can be found over on 106 North Walnut Street. You may even be stopping by on one of their incredible theme nights, which happen to be very popular with both locals and tourists alike. There are also plenty of delicious food items that you will be able to choose from, whether you are looking to share a gourmet pizza or sample a wonderful black bean burger. Where do you think that the rest of the girls in the bachelorette party will want to head off to next?

Perhaps there will be an amazing live band playing over at The Canopy Club. This fun limousine destination can be found over on 708 South Goodwin Street. Often times, they will even have an entertaining open mic night where you can check out some of the great local talent. They are also very famous for some of the hottest DJ dance parties at this particular Champaign limousine stop.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Bloomington Limousine

Anytime that you and your friends are in search of great limousine stops around the Bloomington area, you may find that the best thing to do is ask your driver. After all, he or she is always driving folks around to different locations, so they may be able to make a few great recommendations for you. You can always set out for a place that serves both drinks and meals to get you started off on the right foot. Then, you and the rest of your limousine group will be free to set out for dancing live music venues where a good time can be had by all.

Fat Jack's is a place where you just cannot go wrong. Have your limousine driver pull up to the location over on 513 North Main. You have all of the comfort of a cozy pub, with plenty of fun and friendly patrons that you can mingle with. If you are a fan of microbrews, you will be pleased to find that there are almost 30 of them on tap that you can choose from. Certainly, there are other concoctions that you can order up from the full bar at this Bloomington limousine stop as well.

It is possible to find a martini bar that has incredible live entertainment and food? Well, if you will be in the area of 220 East Front Street, you will find this kind of a place at The Loft. With all of these great features, along with a beautiful and sleek design, this establishment is sure to make for a lovely limousine stop with all of your friends in Bloomington.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

Arlington Heights Limousine

Are you in the middle of making plans for a limousine adventure in Arlington Heights to celebrate a bachelorette party. This type of an outing is sure to have all sorts of possibilities for incredible memories with you and everyone in the group. Perhaps all of the girls are looking to grab a bite to eat along with drinks, or maybe even hit a local dance club to move to the music. Wherever you end up, when you are traveling in a limousine, the evening always takes on a fun and happy tone.

Peggy Kinnane's is always a great place to stop that your limousine driver will find over on 8 North Vail Avenue. Order up a round of drinks for all of the girls, or possibly even open up a bottle of wine so that you can all propose a toast to the bride to be. There are also lots and lots of delicious menu items that you can choose from when you make this particular Arlington Heights stop. You may even be stopping by on a night where live bands will be hitting the stage.

Although the name may be a little on the funny side, the Ram Restaurant and Big Horn Brewery is also another place in the area that is wonderful for a stop on your limousine outing. Located on 1901 McConnor Parkway, you are sure to find plenty of delicious drinks to choose from at the bar. There are also a good number of friendly faces here that you and the girls can mingle with on this Arlington Heights limousine stop.

by US Coachways, Inc. Limousine Rental      

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