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Planning A Prom In Chicago IL

Wednesday, January 30. 2008

Chicago is a city throbbing with activity and growth and as Chicago rolls into prom season (as with all the other cities in the country), I remember planning proms during my years in Chicago. I always have the most amazingly fun time doing that! The highlight of my Chicago proms have always been stepping into a rented limousine looking, feeling and wanting to be like a Princess with a (not so handsome) partner for the prom. I don’t know if the feeling is exclusive to only proms in Chicago, I have this feeling that everything pulsates so much more in Chicago. The limousine we rented was amazingly clean….if it gets any cleaner, it must have just rolled out of the showroom! I love it…the feeling of arriving in the prom limo at the Chicago prom destination and stepping out with all those people watching! Doesn’t that simply make you want to just….do a royal wave?

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Hit the spa before your Manhattan NY Prom

Monday, January 28. 2008

Looking good for a prom is usually more than just a one-day effort. People spend years on a proper diet plan, a beauty regime in order to look like a Supermodel and that should be your plan too. Since prom season is rolling around, you should consider giving yourself a quick beauty treatment in your favorite beauty salons in Manhattan NY. After all, if you’re going all out for your Manhattan NY prom and renting a limousine for the prom just to feel and look like a super star, you should spend some time priming yourself up for the prom too.

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An Escalade Is Fit For A Celebrity!

Friday, January 25. 2008

A party within a party – that’s what riding around in an Escalade limousine is like! It’s been a long time since I last sat in an Escalade, mainly because a lot of people prefer to rent a classic Jaguar or a Rolls Royce. It’s strange that a lot of people don’t realize how amazingly beautiful an Escalade limousine can be! The one that I took was fit for 20 people and it was like a party within a party! The interior was beautiful, leather and immaculately clean. The fiber optic lights certainly gave us the feeling of being chartered around like a celebrity. And there were the neon lights! It was an amazingly refreshing feeling….

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No Two Tux Are Made The Same

Wednesday, January 23. 2008

If you explore the world of tuxedos, be it for the prom or a wedding, you’ll see that men are equally spoilt for choice these days with the wide ranging designs in tuxedos. The deal here is not in the design or the intricate prints on a tux. The difference between one tux and another lies in the small details and they’re less apparent than women’s clothing. While color and design is what makes or break a dress, prom dress, or wedding dress, with a tux, it’s in the cutting, the materials, the shade of color and the finer details. Therefore, this makes choosing the right tuxedo for an event THAT MUCH MORE difficult.

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Trying to find a gift for your groomsmen friends as a Thank-You gift

Monday, January 21. 2008

Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a little bit of creativity and maybe a little effort in trying to find the right groomsmen gifts to give to your friends to show them how much you appreciate their effort in being a part of your wedding. It’s not easy committing so much time to your wedding, your bachelor party and everything else in between. I mean, a wedding could be a new start for you but for the people like your best-friend or others who are part of your groomsmen team, it’s more than just a limousine ride. Therefore, I personally recommend that you set aside a little bit of the budget to rewards your groomsmen…..apart from the drinks. One can only drink so much!

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Hairstyle Ideas Special For Women

Friday, January 18. 2008

Pay special attention to your hair if you have something special coming up and I am saying this because your hair is one of the most prominent parts of your body….except for the face, the first few things people notice about you is your hairstyle. Therefore, if you’re trying to put on the glamour puss look or the ultra chic modern look, get some ideas from celebrities with hot hairstyles.

Let’s start off with the renowned hair-chameleon, Jennifer Aniston. Ever since she popped into the entertainment with via Friends the longest-running popular TV series, Aniston had people follow her hairstyle. Regardless of where their location is, hairstylists got special requests from their customers…. “I want the Rachel hairstyle”. Yes, her hairstyle became so popular that they even had a term for the hair now….the Rachel. This hairstyle is perfect for those with longest face and very little hair. It sort of blows your top up to maximum capacity and then layers it off till the tip of the hair making it look long and like you have a lot of hair.

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Chicago Limo On A Date? Is That Possible?

Wednesday, January 16. 2008

Couples are getting more and more creative these days when it comes to wedding proposals, events planning and also.dating? Yup, dating. If you're living in Chicago and looking for ways to impress the socks off of your date or girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, we're going to toss this idea to you and hope that you're able to have yourself a date so fabulous that you're going to come back here and thank us for the Chicago party bus limousine date idea.

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Beating The Wedding Woes and Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Worries

Wednesday, January 16. 2008

Many people attest to the fact that there is such a thing as wedding woes. Every single day is a countdown as we inch closer to the date of the wedding, people start getting anxious. It more than just the fact that we’re really settling down with one life partner for the rest of our lives that is more than a little unsettling. What about the bills, the planning, the minor glitches here and there, the argument you had about the shoes, the misunderstanding you had with your hairdresser….everything! Couples can tell you horrific stories of things that could have gone wrong and did before their weddings and they’re all very real. That’s why people suffer from anxiety and sometimes even depression months before their wedding.

But there are things you can do about it.

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Eating Green – Making A Different With A Simple Meal Made Possible In Florida

Tuesday, January 15. 2008

For those who sit there thinking, 'There isn't a decent place in Florida…the WHOLE OF FLORIDA…to have a nice party bus limousine rental party in these days…without busting a budget', then these people are, clearly, either out of their minds or not looking in the right places! Florida is a paradise for food, fun and sun, have you not heard? Anyway, just a little south of Miami, there's a little nook (well, not so little actually) there are so many Paradise Farms to have an organic meal in that it might just be the kind of Florida party bus limousine rental dining place for you and your buddies. Time to get a little fruity and vegetable-like.

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3 months to go before Prom Night hits you!

Monday, January 14. 2008

Prom is a big thing and that is why, I think, we should never scrounge on the glamour element! It happens once in your lifetime….I mean, think about it….you’re not going to get another chance to go to the prom at the age of thirty-five! And the great thing about modern prom nights is that you don’t need to actually have a date to have fun at the prom. All it takes is a little bit of planning. My guess and experience tells me that you should start planning for the prom night three months or so ahead of time. The committee members are not the only people who have a lot on their hands, you know… (Found the dress on the left here)

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