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Give Your Loved Ones A Celebrity Treatment

Monday, February 28. 2011

The Oscars just came and went and did you yearn to be treated like a celebrity when watching all those limos rolling by, stopping at the red carpet and envy all those gorgeous stars as they stepped off the limo while smiling at the cameras and crowds?

Well, you can give yourself and your loved ones the same treatment too now that you can get your hands on affordable San Diego party bus limousine rental package. Some may regard renting a limousine a rather extravagant thing to do but we say that sometimes, you need to spend a little, enjoy life a little and treat yourself when you deserve it.

In fact, if you have a birthday, a prom, wedding, anniversary or a welcome back party around the corner, that's your cue to make use of US Coachways' fabulous San Diego party bus limousine rental packages. Nothing beats a good memory during an important event – the limo ride experience will be etched into their minds for as long as they live.

All you need to do now is to pick up the phone and dial 1-877-873-1842 and our sales consultants will be readily at hand to answer your questions and give you a quick limo rental quote.

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Ground Transportation Can Save Your Event (LA)

Saturday, February 26. 2011

After having been in the transportation business for so many years, we have seen and gotten feedback from our Los Angeles party bus limousine rental customers along the lines of....'if it were not for the rented coach bus, the event could have been a catastrophe'.

Timing is everything. As with all large events, one small delay could result in delays for many other parts of the event. If a key speaker was late because he couldn't get a cab or got lost because he was not familiar with Los Angeles, it pushes everything else back. Hence, you need to ensure that the guests, staff, VIPs, and attendees stay on time.

Save cost. Some may lament that renting a large charter bus, coach bus or party bus is pointless and unnecessary expenditure but we beg to differ. Making use of reliable Los Angeles party bus limousine rental services could save you lost of money in terms ferrying things around, hiring personal cars, and late in ending the event (which carries a surcharge or incurs a penalty fee, depending on the management of the event venue).

With a rented bus, you free your mind from the worries of arrivals and departures so that you can concentrate on other areas of organizing the event.

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Romantic Limo Ride For Valentines Day

Thursday, February 10. 2011

There are plenty of ways in which you can enjoy a limousine ride and there does not need to be a reason to do so but since Valentine's Day is coming right up, we are hoping to give you some ideas on how to enjoy a limousine night out...be it with your partner, a group of friends or with your family members (it IS a celebration of love, after all).

Romantic night out – Of course a must for couples everywhere (not just Atlanta) should go out and have a nice, romantic dinner with their loved ones and partners. If you are out there along Peachtree Street, make a stop at The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar and View popular for it's amazingly timeless view of the entire city. Located at the heart of downtown Atlanta GA, you will also find it a strategic place to do something shopping, dine out and then head out to a private bar afterwards. And if you feel like you'd prefer to slip out of the city center without going too far out of the way, try Canoe restaurant. As the name suggests, it is tucked neatly along the Chattahoochee River which provides you with the best natural backdrop you can ever hope for!

Singles night out – Don't let yourself wallow in despair this Valentine's day if you are single, singles have the right to celebrate love too! Just in a more excitingly different way. US Coachways' been providing reliable charter bus rental services in Atlanta to singles who want to have a night of meeting friends for dinner and then drinks. Some of them head out for large singles events where they get a chance to find a new love interest, others just hang out and have themselves a really good time.

Group night out – Sometimes, when you think about it, Valentine's Day is almost always about good food and good company. Hence, we do not see what is wrong with groups of people hanging out with each other, enjoying each others' company without being interested in each other...on a personal level, that is. Put romance aside and just grab the chance to party all night long in a luxury party bus instead.

Getting to know each other better night out – It happens all the time...all it takes is one person to take the initiative. It starts off with each person bringing a few new friends and then gathering together eating and drinking. Through the good food and drinks, people can start to get to know each other better which could lead to long term relationships.

So, go ahead and celebrate love your preferred way....except that you'll need to call US Coachways at 1-877-873-1842 for that rental limo or party bus if you want to party safe!