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Real Pirates Exhibit at Denver Museum of Nature and Science Gets Denver Buzzing

Wednesday, March 30. 2011

The locals in Denver's been waiting for this – the Real Pirates exhibition that just opened up in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and we can't say we blame them. THIS is the exhibit that will show you where fiction stops and facts start. The organizers and designers of the exhibit knew what was needed – something along the lines of a Hollywood movie script, we suspect. Schools and colleges' been grabbing our Denver party bus limousine rental packages for educational visits and field trips recently and we gather that you should too.

The exhibit brings you real life artifacts. The title is 'Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship. The Whydah Gally was discovered off Massachussetts and the artifacts collected has been put to good use and in this case, to educate people about life as a pirate. Whydah was an pirate ship that sailed and terrorized many during the 18th century. The CEO of the museum said, specifically, that the exhibit is not just fun, it is educational because it is a true story of discovery.

If you are a part of a school, college, university or charitable organization, give US Coachways a call for an amazing deal on one of our Denver party bus limousine rental packages for your trip there. The number to call is 1-877-873-1838.

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VIP Treatment For Your Special Wedding Guests (Ft Lauderdale)

Sunday, March 27. 2011

To add a little bit more glamor to a wedding, some of our Fort Lauderdale party bus limousine rental customers decide to rent a larger wedding stretch limousine (either in classic white or posh black) to ferry VIPs like parents and family members of the bride and groom to and from the wedding venue and hotels.

A wedding, to most, is not a two-person event...it is a two-family event, therefore, the special guests who share the joy of the union should be given very special treatment too.

A good example stretch limousine that you can easily get from US Coachways from our many different Fort Lauderdale party bus limousine rental packages is the 10 passenger Jaguar which comes with all sorts of amenities to make the trip an especially memorable one. Upon request, we provide you with a professional chauffeur and is equipped with fiber optic lighting, plasma or LCD TVs, DVD players, surround sound system and also a crystal bar, amongst other amenities.

If there is a need to fit more than 8 people into the stretch limousine, how about giving a few thoughts about renting the 20 passenger Ford Expedition which also comes with the same amenities (and possibly more) than the Jaguar.

Wait no more! Give US Coachways a call to get the details about how you can give your guests the special VIP treatment.

Charitable Organization's Budget Issues (Atlanta GA)

Sunday, March 20. 2011

If there is one thing that we are extremely familiar with, it is the budget issue for charitable organizations. We have become familiar with them because of the number of calls that we get at our Atlanta party bus limousine rental service centers throughout the country and we have dealt with them promptly, providing them with accurate and affordable bus rental quotes.

Most charitable organizations are funded by individuals and well-meaning organizations, hence, there always isn't much to spare. Transportation is merely ONE of the issues that they have to deal with...another big problem would be venue rental. That is why we have partners in the events industry to help our customers, charitable organizations or not, deal with the perils of organizing a large event.

With limited funds and dependency on the generosity of other people is difficult to deal with. Therefore, there is a need to find affordable yet reliable companies that will not shortchange these charitable organizations. US Coachways, with our wide network of service providers, is in a good position to tie up with others so that we can bring affordable Atlanta party bus limousine rental packages not only for large companies but also to charitable organizations as well. Give us a call at 1-877-873-1842 to find out more about our party bus rental packages.

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A Bachelor Party Party Bus

Thursday, March 10. 2011


Have a bachelor party coming up and worrying about who is going to be the 'designated driver'? Tiresome, isn't it? Every time we have a party, we worry about being told that we are not to touch a single drop of the drinks because we have been assigned the duty to remain sober so that we remain the responsible driver...while everyone else have their share of fun.

But this doesn't have to be the case!

The problem of designated driver can be resolved by renting a party bus from a reliable limousine and bus rental company in your area. And we are here to bust some myths about renting a party bus.

A bachelor party party bus is not expensive. Not when you split the cost of renting the party bus between all the best buddies. If there are ten of you attending the bachelor party, split the cost out and you'll see the logic behind renting a bus like that so that EVERYONE gets to have fun during the event. And besides, the industry is full of competition which brings the price of renting such a vehicle not only extremely affordable, but also the quality of the buses and its amenities good.

Safety is number one. In most countries and in all states in the United States, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol. Why risk getting into trouble when you are supposed to be having the time of your life, celebrating the end of singlehood for your best buddy? There are worse results that we can think of when it comes to driving under the influence of too-much-of-a-good-drink. So, have fun and stay safe at the same time.

Reputable party bus companies hire responsible people. And this is a fact...that if you go with a reputable party bus company, you are almost always assured of a safe ride. It is a reality that some companies do not really care about the kind of buses, the amenities and the drivers that they provide and they are more concerned about making a larger profit out of you. If you had a choice between a brand new company and a large reputable party bus rental company, always go with the larger and more reputable of the two.

There's fun to be had on the bus. With all the amenities in a good party bus, you can get from one place to another very quickly, without the worry about everyone having to drive themselves there on their own. With everyone on the same bus at the same time, we guarantee you lots of fun not only at the intended destinations, but also on the bus.

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Multi-Cultural Events In Baltimore Happening Near You

Sunday, March 6. 2011

Spring time spells fun time! If you are going to Baltimore at this time of the year, then you're in luck! There are tons of events for you to go to and we know some of our loyal Baltimore party bus limousine rental customers are simply itching to go to.

One of the most anticipated event in Baltimore is the Meditation On Contemporary Landscape happening at the Towson University, Center for the Arts from Feb 12, 2011 till Mar 29, 2011. Explore the world of interdependence of  nature and culture in a very modern environment.

Need a reason to smile? Then the 'What Makes Us Smile' event is going to be your cup of tea. This event is being held at the American Visionary Art Museum and is going to take a bow in September 2011, so you have plenty of time. Admission fee is less than $16 but well worth every cent. It is curated by master the creator of The Simpsons, therefore, you know it's going to be a hoot.

Sometimes, these events are more fun in a large group. Give us a call at 1-877-873-1842 for more information about our Baltimore party bus limousine rental services.