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DJ Playing Up The Music – Organizing A Prom

Sunday, May 29. 2011

fort lauderdale prom night transportation - DJ music

If one was asked what they consider to be the primary reason why they go to their prom, the number one answer that would come up is....to dance and have some fun. Hence, with such an evidently clear answer, the DJ we hire during prom night is exceptionally important. It could, literally, make or break the prom. 

So, how do you know who to hire and how to ensure that all the right songs are being played on that night. US Coachways, having been serving our fair share of Fort Lauderdale party bus limousine rental customers over the years, may have a few tips at hand. 

One, song list. Instead of counting on ONE person or the committee to come up with songs that they want played during prom night, put it out there for those who are attending. Let them have a say. With the internet and Facebook, it is even easier now than before. Set up an event page for Facebook and get everyone to give you ideas. Compile the list of songs and start your hunt. It is crucial that you give the DJ very specific instructions. 

In the meantime, those who are hunting around for a good Fort Lauderdale party bus limousine rental company can give us a call at 1-877-873-1838.

Three Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

Monday, May 23. 2011

 The list – Wedding planners know this....brides and grooms may not. One of the most important things on the 'list' of things to do is the guest list. Try not to get in over your head with the wedding dress, bouquet, food, drinks, venue...without first deciding on who you want to invite for the wedding. US Coachways has been a leading Atlanta party bus limousine rental company for some time and we have personally seen how the guest list can get to the best of us. So, get the list out of the way before anything else.


Stressing out of the dress – It is common for brides to try to go on a diet before the wedding, dropping several dress sizes throughout the months to try to get into their dream wedding dress. Don't. Not only is it not worth it, it is not worth stressing yourself over it. You have a million other things to stress you out as it is, so spare yourself the torture.


Going for the cheapest limo – Fighting a small wedding budget is one thing, going for the cheapest limousine company without checking, first, on the background of the company is another. Go for a reliable brand name when it comes to Atlanta party bus limousine rental packages...now, THAT's worth your time.  

Prom – Through The Years

Wednesday, May 18. 2011

If one took a walk down memory lane or dredge up long-forgotten photo albums and took a look at your prom pictures, we might be surprised (or not) with how different prom was back then compared to what it is now. Prom, is an American tradition that spread globally, so much so that other countries have it every year themselves. For the benefit of our Baltimore party bus limousine rental customers, here's a quick look at what prom was like. 

1950's – Slow dancing is the key. Exchange of first kisses and arriving in large luxury limos. Remember the disco ball?
1960's – It's all about big skirts, big hairs and the Beach Boys. The music got, somewhat, jazzed up at this point in time.
1970's – If the sixties was a time for big hair, it just got bigger by the time it was the 70's and prom turned from 'romantic' to 'exciting'. 
1980's – Some would argue that the kids had the most fun during the 80's because of the Retro Revolution. 
1990's – The music got funkier and more flashy. Needless to say, dresses got shorter and less formal too. 
Which brings us all the way up to now...today. Are YOU one of those going to a prom and looking around for a Baltimore party bus limousine rental company because you need a prom limo? Give us a call right now for an obligation-free quote. 

How Mother's Day Was Spent

Tuesday, May 10. 2011

Mother's day is an amazing day and here is how some of our loyal San Francisco party bus limousine rental customers celebrated it. Some attended the Mother's Day Rose Show and came back with raving reviews. From 12.30pm till 4.00pm, they learned not only about how to arrange roses but also growing and caring for them. Little did they know that planting, caring for and arranging roses was so emotionally fulfilling, especially when it was done with a loved one.

Others had more glamorous ideas. They took up one of our amazingly affordable San Francisco party bus limousine rental packages and ferried their partners and spouses for a Mother's Day Sunset Cruise. A limo, sunset, delectable dinner and some dancing after that seems like an amazing day for a mom.

Flamenco music lovers preferred to head out to Pena Pachamama where a mother and daughter team up with talented musicians and backup dancers to set mom's heart pounding with rhythmic moves and music. The tickets are rather affordable and in any case, the wonderful entertainment is worth every dollar spent.

US Coachways is a leading party bus, limousines, corporate cars and luxury limos service provider. So, if you ever need a luxury ride, remember to call us or send us an email. We are ever ready to be at your service.  

Prom Dress Inspired By Royal Wedding

Tuesday, May 3. 2011

The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Princess Kate rocked the celeb world last week and it was astonishing to witness this all over again after Princess Diana's unfortunate passing. This time, the wedding hit Twitter and Facebook like nothing else and we were surprised that there wasn't a Fail Whale. For some of our San Antonio party bus limousine rental customers who rented prom limos from us were on Twitter as well, all excited, for sure, but also totally inspired by the new Princess' choice of wedding dress.


Here is what we learned from the wedding gown.


Keep it simple. Despite having tens of thousands of designers coveting to be THE designer, the Princess had simple ideas. No extravagance for this modern belle of the ball. So, when picking up a prom dress, keep that in mind.


Lace may not be a bad thing after all. Who would think of wearing lace for a prom, it is so old school and out-of-date. Right. Maybe you can take minimally use lace at the hem or along the sleeves.


Not overdoing the makeup. Kate may have the most professional and reliable makeup artist in England, but that doesn't mean that the makeup can't be copied.


In the meantime, if you have no booked your prom limo, come take a look at our affordable San Antonio party bus limousine rental packages or call 1-855-bus-charter for more info.