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Get Crab-ilicious In Baltimore

Wednesday, July 27. 2011

Whether you are here in Baltimore for a business trip or as a holiday, there is always tons to do here in the heart of Maryland. Now that summer is here, it is the best time for our Baltimore party bus limousine rental customers to sample the pride of Baltimore – turning up the heat and get some crabs cracking!

Don't know much about crabs? Well, all the more reason to come find out how different and mouth-watering the crabs in Baltimore are. Somehow, the locals love their crabs and they plenty to be found and served during summer. Crab meats are included in salads, on a single platter or served up with other traditional feasts.  
Another unique experience is for you to ask the bus driver to drive you down to the waterways and learn more about these tough-shelled creatures. This could be another educational opportunity for kids too. When it comes to crabs, Baltimore locals treat them as masters of the art and you can find them in most restaurants, cafes and family-run eateries. 
While you are hunting for activities for your itinerary, give US Coachways a call to find out how we can make your trip more comfortable with our Baltimore party bus limousine rental services.

Summer Free Movies In San Fran

Tuesday, July 19. 2011

It is no wonder that San Francisco locals love their summers. Not only is there endless number of hours under the cheerful weather, summer is also a time for free stuff, and in this case, free flicks. Just bring your own blanket and picnic food if you want and head out to an outdoor theater for the time of your life. These are things that you don't get in other parts of the country and we love bringing tourists who use our San Francisco party bus limousine rental services out for such activities.


The Stonestown Family Movie is held every fortnight on Tuesdays at 7pm from June 7 through to Aug 16. There, you will get to join many other families at the center court of Stonestown Galleria for some quality time with your family members. Not only are the shows free, there are free popcorn and discounts going all around too.


If you miss that one, worry not, there are free films at Temescal Street Cinema too. Grab your free popcorn and enjoy the many showcases of films, mostly from artists originating from Bay Area, with your family.


Forget about parking, forget about traffic. What you need for events like this is a reliable and affordable San Francisco party bus limousine rental services from US Coachways. Give us a call for more info.  

Irish Breweries Serving Up A Storm

Sunday, July 10. 2011

The Brits know their beers and we should all take a cue their Irish cousins too. Here are some recommendations from some of our regular Dallas party bus limousine rental customers about where to get the best Irish brews.


First off, there's Paddy Reds Irish Bar located along the Throckmorton in Fort Worth...not as far as it sounds if you use our charter or party buses. There are, it has been said, more than a hundred different types of beers on the tap! And on top of that, there is also a full service bar serving up their customers in a warm and rustic atmosphere.


However, if you stepped in the Fillmore Pub, you might feel as if it is more European than it is Irish. Make no mistake about it, it is Irish and yes, they DO know their brews well too. The Fillmore is located along the 15th Street and is a perfect place for a quiet, comfortable and friendly bachelor party. If you are club and bar hopping, at these two outlets to your list of bars to hop to.


For bachelor parties, US Coachways' top quality Dallas party bus limousine rental services comes in well recommended as well. Give us a call for a quick quote right now.  

Why Renting A Party Bus Will Change The Way You Party In The Future

Sunday, July 3. 2011

 How many of us can recall the fear and anxiety we feel whenever we went out to the clubs, not because we didn't have the cash for the drinks, but because of how we are going to get back home SAFELY after the party? Countless number of you out there have probably been in trouble or booked for it. The problem of driving yourself home after attending a group party is bigger than that. The looming question is – are you going to get home in one piece.


'We would rather use US Coachways Chicago party bus limousine rental services for bachelor parties because the party just doesn't stop. We went bar hopping some months back and it was a ball! We partied in the clubs, partied in the bus, partied everywhere. Absolutely magical feeling, something everyone's got to try at least once in their lifetime!' gushed Max, a regular US Coachways Chicago party bus limousine rental customer.


The best thing about using our party buses is that we help eliminate the worry of who is going to remain sober and drive. In most cases, the designated driver is a bummer role to play. So, wait no more. Find out how US Coachways can make your party a smooth-sailing one right now!