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Worthwhile Detroit Wedding Venues

Monday, November 21. 2011

It’s the end of the year rolling around the corner and we can hear the sound of wedding bells all over the country, not just Detroit. To top it all off, it is also the holiday season which turns the atmosphere from boring to deafeningly exciting! If you are currently planning and organizing your own wedding for around the same time next year, take a cue our other Detroit party bus limousine rental customers who had their wedding receptions at these halls and venues. 

Meghan, our regular wedding planner customer, suggested the Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters for a wedding location. It is, number one, not your ordinary wedding ballroom, and number two, it is gorgeous! The food was said to be amazing and exquisite and if there is a need for it, entertainment can be arranged. All in all, the atmosphere is magical and unforgettable. Another good wedding destination in Detroitwould be the Gandy Dancer. A bit of history, a bit of culture, and a lot of magic. The building was restored in 1886 is serving as a beautiful architectural landmark in Detroit would make an elegant choice for your wedding. 
For those of you looking for reliable Detroit party bus limousine rental packages, US Coachways offer amazingly affordable wedding limos too, just head over to ‘out fleet’ page to have a look. 

When A Mini Bus Makes More Sense

Sunday, November 13. 2011

Most reputable charter bus rental companies have a wide range of buses and vehicles in their fleet of charter buses for a very good reason – so that they can cater to all types of events, be it large or small. Smaller events like weddings, birthday bashes and bachelor or bachelorette parties do not need a large vehicle, for example, something like a 56-passenger or a 61-passenger party bus. Sometimes, all they need is a mini bus like this one. Many of our Baltimore party bus limousine rental customers pick a mini bus from one of our wedding packages to shuttle wedding guests to and from wedding venue, hall and hotel. 

Our Baltimore mini bus packages are also used, very regularly to send employees to the airport. Let’s face it, when it comes to ferrying more than thirty employees to an airport, driving multiple cars is just not as feasible an idea. Furthermore, why spend the extra money for multiple vehicles when you can send them all at one shot within a short driving distance? 

The great thing about using our Baltimore party bus limousine rental packages is that the mini buses that we have all come with a good, working PA system, radio, TV and/r DVD player and the seats are comfortable because they have high back reclining seats. 

To find out more information about our mini bus rental packages in Baltimore, pick up the phone and dial 1-877-873-1838 right now! 

Ballrooms and Waterfront Wedding Reception In Focus

Monday, November 7. 2011

san diego party bus limousine rental

One of the biggest worries that cause much stress to couples planning their own weddings is the wedding venue. As a leading San Diego party bus limousine rental company that has been providing innumerable couples with their own luxurious wedding limousine over countless number of years, we know precisely how it is like when you say that you wish you can afford a wedding planner. The sad truth is….not everyone’s got the budget for it. Therefore, there are some things that you are going to have to do yourself…like looking for and booking your own wedding venue. 

We heard glowing reviews about the Hilton San Diego Bayfront’s services, so you might want to check that one out. Their posh amenities and ballroom will make your wedding magical and totally so memorable not just for you and your partner, but for your wedding guests as well. 

For something a little more different, check out The Star of The Sea Event Center. Pick a nice date when the weather is smiling on you and have a spectacular wedding at the waterfront venue, something that your guests will remember for a long time to come. The view over the city of San Diego is absolutely to-die-for. 

And here is a reminder - to avoid disappointments, call US Coachways up ASAP if you are looking around for good San Diego party bus limousine rental services. We are, as always, ready to be at your service.

Brand Yourself With Bus Wrap

Wednesday, November 2. 2011

Technology may have changed the advertising landscape. It may have changed the way consumers shop and make decisions. It may also have changed the way people communicate with each other. But all that does not change one thing. That people continue to be stuck in massive traffic jams all around the world! 

For people who are looking for opportunities to embed their brand names into the minds of the general consumer, this could mean wonderful things for you if you were into bus wrap advertising. As a leading San Francisco party bus limousine rental company, many of US Coachways’ luxurious party buses and charter buses are up for bus wrap advertising. If you are not sure what bus wrapping is, take a look at our bus wrapping page and take a look at the awesome bus wrap designs that these creative campaigners came up with. 

San Francisco, just like every other bustling cities in the country, has to contend with rush hour traffic too…and it is sometimes a grueling experience. But for advertisers and our loyal San Francisco party bus limousine rental customers, traffic jams usually means there is more time for people to look around and notice the bus ads. 

Give us a call to find out more information about our bus wrap advertising services. We look forward to helping you better brand yourself.