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Budget Weddings

Sunday, August 14. 2011

 Not everyone can afford a lavish wedding and we should all bear in mind that when it comes to planning a wedding reception, we all need a bottom line. How far are you willing to dip into your savings or loan to have the perfect wedding needs to be discussed and explored. Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for the wedding reception and although it continues to be the way it is in this modern times, some people prefer to pool money together so that the burden is lessened on the paying party.

The pros to having the bride’s parents pay for the wedding including the Fort Lauderdale party bus limousine rental package is that the paying party gets the biggest say about what is in and what is out. Most couples, in order to maintain control over the outcome, pays for their own wedding instead of having parents from both sides arguing over finances that can affect the planning process.

By accepting money from others means that you are going to have to let go of some stuff or maybe find a meet-me-halfway kind of compromise. In the meantime, if you are hunting around for wedding limousine quotes, take a look at our extensive fleet of Fort Lauderdale party bus limousine rental vehicles on our website. We are confident that we can find you the perfect wedding limo that fits your budget.

Casinos For Bachelor Party

Tuesday, June 14. 2011

When it comes to bachelor parties, there is really nothing more fun than to rent a party bus and head out for a night of controlled gambling. And in New Jersey, we're lucky that way. Suffice to say, going from casino may not be the thing for everyone but it continues to be one of the most popular ways to have a bachelor party.


The whole point of having a casino-hopping bachelor party is so that the group gets to experience, see and play at different casinos. No single casino is exactly the same so you can expect endless rounds of fun. And of course, authorities continue to advice those who wishes to organize casino-themed bachelor parties to heed the law and practice safe partying. It is more prudent to leave the driving to someone else...someone more professional, not to mention, sober.


'We decided to have a casino bachelor party for one of our best buddies and we are ever thankful that we used a New Jersey party bus limousine rental service because no one wanted to be the designated driver,' laughed Kent, our satisfied customer.


So, if you want to have your very own casino bachelor party, remember to give us a call and let's see how our New Jersey party bus limousine rental services can help make the bachelor party an even more memorable one.  

New London, Connecticut – More Than You Bargained For

Thursday, June 9. 2011

 When traveling, it is almost a MUST for us to explore local food and cuisine as much as possible although Connecticut might be just another state in the country. Believe it or not, you will be surprised at how different the food can be as seen through the eyes of the locals. Thankfully, as experienced by many of our Connecticut party bus limousine rental customers, there is much to eat and choose from in New London.


Take, for instance, Captain Scott's Lobster Dock located along Hamilton ST. It is known for...needless to say...the seafood! And the dishes are particularly flavorful and fresh during summer, so, if you are heading towards New London, give this eatery a shot. You might be caught off-guard at the amazing array of diversity of the recipes.


The name Muddy Waters may not bring you images of palate-pleasing dishes, but let's just say that this is more than just your common coffeehouse. Most often, the locals pick Muddy Waters (on Bank ST) as a hang-out place because of the live entertainment and the wonderfully comfortable atmosphere. There are lots of tables and chairs for you to sit down for a smooth, hot cuppa coffee with friends and family.


Looking for good, reliable and affordable Connecticut party bus limousine rental services? Then you have come to right place. Give us a call and check out our amazing packages.

Top Night Spots For A Bachelor Party in Washington DC

Sunday, April 17. 2011

Booked up your bachelor party Washington DC party bus limousine rental services and yet, have no inkling as to where to head out to? Well, US Coachways' got some answers to that!

The locals love their dance clubs and they love it BIG. Consider heading over to Fur Nightclub on Patterson St. because of its sheer size. For a cozier experience, there are private rooms and lounges. Non alcoholic drinks are served. Another good option would be Lux Lounge tucked up along New York Ave. What is unique about this place is that in the 19th century, it used to be a warehouse, therefore, you can be assured of space. There are 3 floors of spectacular dance floors so, take your pick from hip-hop, 80's or chill out jazz. 
As the name suggests, Zanzibar, located along Water St., brings you a whole host of music along the lines of Caribbean music and is caters to a large multiracial but largely African crowd. For those looking for something classier and more up-trend, 18th Street Lounge should be just the place for your bachelor party.
For those of you who have not found the perfect party bus, be sure to check out our affordable and wide-ranging Washington DC party bus limousine rental packages.  

Unique Wedding Destinations In Detroit

Wednesday, November 10. 2010


It is the norm to have your wedding reception in a large hotel ballroom but it is not the ONLY way. If you want your wedding to be truly special, you need to think out of the box. Get creative and let your inner child come alive. Horseback riding wedding? Wedding in a submarine? Or better yet, a wedding reception held in an English manor that dates back to the 1920's.


The mansion that we are talking about is the very English Manor that was built by Colonel Waldon in 1927. It sits peacefully at the peak of the highest mountain in Michigan. It is so beautiful inside and out that you will have your guests awed from the very moment they step out of their wedding shuttle bus. The view is truly magical. The house has very high ceilings and roof-to-floor windows where the guests and the couple can enjoy the beautiful surrendering sun set. The mansion has 19 rooms and an exquisite manicured garden.


Since Detroit is surrounded by large bodies of water, it makes sense to have your wedding on water. Companies like US Coachways Inc. provide yacht charter services for wedding receptions too. If you are interested in exchanging vows over the sea, give us a call. We would be more than happy to provide you with a quote.


To start your new journey together as a couple over the sea is wildly exciting but there is one thing that could rain on your parade – the weather. So, give the weather report a quick check before confirming the date of your wedding.


The Twin Lakes Golf and Swim Club has amazing almost-brand-new facilities that you can use for your wedding too. The beauty of it all is that you can have the wedding reception indoors or outdoors – your call. As far as we can gather, customer service is tops too.


For those who wishing to have a more private and relaxing exchanging-of-vows, try Longacre House. Wonderful amenities, beautiful scenery, adorable stonewall setting, gorgeous gardens are all here. It is a little out of the way but if you rented a wedding shuttle bus to ferry your guests to and from the wedding destination, the problem with distance is solved.


When you have a reliable charter bus and wedding limo company like US Coachways, distance is most certainly not a problem. Give us a call to find out more about our wedding limo and Detroit party bus limousine rental packages. The number is 1-877-873-1842.

Do YOU have any special wedding reception areas you would like to recommend? Share it with us and our readers at the comments section

Having An Wedding Planning Assistant Saves You Time and Money

Friday, October 29. 2010

There are people who love planning their own wedding, and then there are brides who would rather spend the money on hiring a professional wedding planner to do the tedious work. What about those who wishes to hire professionals but do not have the budget to hire a full-on wedding planner?

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What Makes US Coachways Totally Dependable

Friday, October 22. 2010

Over the many years of providing some of the best limousines, party buses, charter buses and corporate vehicles to our satisfied customers, we feel like it is only appropriate that we dedicate today's blog post to our commitment to our customers' satisfaction and highlight the reason why US Coachways, indeed, is both affordable AND professional in every which way that you choose to see it.

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Parents Heave A Sigh Of Relief, Thanks To Prom Limo Drivers

Monday, October 11. 2010

Without a smidgen of doubt, one of the biggest worries for parents when prom season rolls around, is how the kids are going to get to and from the prom venue. Parents worry because it is common for kids to get rowdy, resulting in things getting out of hand. A night of celebration can turn into a nightmare when you the leave the driving to a bunch of teenagers in the mood for elaborate celebration. Hence, over the years, we have had parents calling us up, asking about our prom limo packages for the kids.

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Good Reasons To Leave The Driving To Someone Professional

Friday, October 8. 2010

Some people think of renting a limousine as wasteful or being too spendthrift but here is what some of our regular Phoenix party bus limousine rental customers think – that splurging every now and again is acceptable because they have worked hard and deserve to pamper themselves once in a while. What is the point of working yourself to the bone when you have to hold back on enjoying yourself when you feel like it? You have worked hard for the money that you have and you have every right to spend it the way you like...that includes renting a limousine, heading out of town for a nice, romantic dinner with your family or spouse.

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The Benefits of Bus Wrapping

Thursday, September 23. 2010

There are too many misconceptions about bus wrap advertising so much so that I feel that I should give it proper attention today in this blog post. I would like to spend some time debunking some perceived media myths today, one by one.

First of all, when people talk about bus wrap advertising, the thought of it being expensive instantly pops into their heads. How wrong could they be? A good marketing manager or CEO can do the math and tell you that bus wrap advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods there is today, especially when we look at advertising via this way in a massive bustling city. When the cost is broken down according to the period of time that it stays on the bus plying the routes, the cost of advertising via bus wrapping is actually minimal compared to other types of advertising.

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