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Have you noticed lately how stressed out your wife is? With all the year end celebrations going on - the Thanksgiving feast has just ended, Christmas is just around the corner, and then after that you have the New Year's party and your wife is probably up to her neck with all the preparations to make Christmas a perfect celebration with the family - cookies, presents, new clothes for the children to wear to church on Christmas morning, buying all the stuffs that she will need to prepare for the Christmas dinner and New Year's party, and the list goes on and on. Don't you think that it's about time that SHE gets to be fussed about and showered with love and gratitude? And if you have no clue what to surprise her with, we have a suggestion for you - book a limousine to Akron, Ohio for a romantic dinner. We are sure that she will not just be surprised, but absolutely thrilled when she sees the limousine arriving at the doorstep of your home. She may not be jumping up and down like a three year old who gets her first Barbie doll, but you can bet deep down, her heart's jumping with joy, and if she was not dressed to the nines (hey, she's got to behave like a lady, remember?), she'll probably just let loose and give you a big bear hug with kisses on your face!

When the limousine arrives, allow the driver to be the one to open the door of the limousine for you and your wife. Savor the moment of being treated like a VIP - it's not like you get to ride a limousine everyday of your life, right? In fact, if you want, you could also arrange with the limousine company to prepare a lovely bouquet of flowers (and chocolates too, if you like) to be placed in the limousine as another surprise for your wife. Wouldn't she feel like it's the first date when you brought her flowers and all? Whenever you are ready, just tell the limousine driver to bring you and your wife to Carousel Dinner Theatre that is located on 1275 E. Waterloo Road, Akron, Ohio.

A romantic dining experience does not have to be just a table for two with candles and food meticulously prepared and set on the table. We believe that a romantic dinner should also have the addition of music and entertainment. Where else can you find a combination of all these but at Carousel Dinner Theatre? The theatre is said to produce their own shows and they are equal to any touring production in the same area. So, fire up and be ready for a night of romancing!

Wine, dine and be entertained at Carousel Dinner Theatre

As you and your wife enter into Carousel Dinner Theater in the booked limousine, you will see a spacious parking lot. But don't worry, you are not expected to walk to the theater when you are dressed up to the nines. Your limousine driver will drop you off right at the entrance of the theater itself. Once you are in the theatre, you and your wife will be escorted to your table.

While you look through the menu and if you are not sure what is good, the staff there is ever ready to guide you through your selection. And if you pay a little extra, you will be able to enjoy more from the Producer's menu. Enjoy a great selection of fresh fish, vegetables and a mouth-watering meal prepared by their certified executive chef. This is supposed to be a special night for your wife, so go ahead, pay the extra bucks and enjoy a lavish meal together. How often do you get to be alone without the kids, anyway? There is also the theater's full bar service where you can enjoy a martini or some other drinks with your wife, before the curtain rises.

Oh, did we suggest that you should also arrange for a bottle of champagne to be enjoyed while you ride home in the limousine after the special romantic dinner at the Carousel Dinner Theatre? It certainly is one great way to end the romantic evening, don't you agree?

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