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Planning a Limousine Rental in Bismarck, North Dakota?

Limo Around Bismarck Party

If you are renting a limousine for your Party, you may want to think about picking a few great places to go after the festivities are over with. The Bismarck area is just full of a lot of really decent places that you can go with your Party date to have a good time. Just tell the limo driver where you would like to go and you are off on a great evening Party that you will remember for a lifetime.

Who would have ever thought that a place called The Walrus would make a great limousine stop for you and your date Party? Well, once you have the limo driver bring you to the location at 1136 North 3rd Street, you will see just how cool The Walrus is. The minute you walk up to the door, you will instantly smell the aroma of the tasty Italian menu. The pasta dishes are so large that you may want to share one of them with your Party date instead of trying to tackle it by yourself. Your limo driver may even be tempted to come in for a while and enjoy one of the delicious appetizers on the menu!

The next stop on your Party limousine adventure should be the fun and exciting Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse. Tell the limo driver that you need to get dropped off at 118 South 3rd Street with your Party date so that you can check out this great nightspot. There are plenty of things that you can do here, including dancing with your Party date to some of the best classic rock and Top 40 selections. Many times, you may even be able to catch a hot live band on the stage as well. The Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse also offers guests a unique game room where you can grab your Party date and play some air hockey, shoot pool or even throw some darts. If you get a bit hungry, you can share a slice of pizza before you go back out for your limo excursion.

Depending on the type of food you were looking to dine on Party, there is another choice called Captain Meriwether's Restaurant. Have your limousine driver bring you over to 1700 River Road so that you may check it out. This place boasts more of a casual setting featuring a whopper of a menu of some really terrific home cooking. There are even fireplaces crafted in river rock, which bring the main dining room and lounge areas come to life. Grab a great meal with your Party date such as seasoned, delicious North Dakota prime rib or even sauteed walleye fillet with a delectable California blanc sauce. If you wish, you can even sit out on the deck with your Party date so the two of you can enjoy a romantic meal with a perfect view of the river. You may even be lucky enough to enjoy the music of a live band before you finish up your Party night in a limousine.

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