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The Right Pumps For Prom Night

connecticut affordable party bus limousine rentalAug 14, 2013 - It is the moment that you have been waiting for, almost all of your teenage lives, and as prom night crawls closer and they start to get eager about getting their plans about renting a Connecticut prom limousine, anxiety and worries about what to wear and how to match the clothes up may also arise.

One of the best advice that our prom party-goers have ever given to our customers is this - when confused, always err on the side of going ‘simple’. You can never go wrong when you choose simple over over-glam. We know every girl (and guy) want to look his or her best on prom night but piling on too much glitter and makeup is not for everyone. And besides, not everyone’s got the budget to hire a professional makeup artists so that they can take up the trendiest makeup styles that is splattered all over magazine covers.

Teengers have no problem finding the right prom dress for themselves and as with the girls, guys have an easy task finding a tux for prom night. It is absolutely a breeze finding matching ensembles for couples too as choices are everywhere...on the internet, in magazines and in stores. Stepping in and out of the Connecticut prom limousine looking like a million dollars is really a no-brainer in this modern IT-driven days.

The tough task would be finding the right prom shoes to go with the dress or the tux. Fashion trend evolves at a heady speed as celebrities are seen carrying the latest bags, wearing the latest Jimmy Choos and putting on the latest Donna Karan dresses, we have to remind ourselves that we should not put too much pressure on ourselves to look ‘exactly’ like them (if that is at all possible).

Finding the right shoe takes more time than it takes to find a prom dress or tux so, do not leave shoe shopping till the very last minute. Sure, there is also plenty of options out there but we are talking about comfort vs. style. While we all yearn to look our best for prom night, the most important night of our teen life, we want to be comfortable while at it. And with shoes, sometimes adjustments are necessary and these adjustments takes a longer time than say....something like making adjustments to the prom dress.

If we want to dance the night away with our friends while enjoying the prom night of our dreams, good pumps will go a long way. And prom night is not the right time for us to start getting experimental with heels...leave the experimenting for less important moments so, stick with the height that you have always been comfortable with instead of trying to see if an extra inch to the heel will make your legs look longer.

If you have not gotten your hands on your Connecticut party bus limousine rental package, please feel free to speak to our customer service representatives for some ideas and suggestions. They are always ready to help make your prom night as magical as it possibly can be.

River Fest

connecticut affordable party bus limousine rentalMay 20, 2013 - For those who are new to Connecticut might find it odd that the residents are so proud and fond of their river Connecticut...but the authorities have always played a huge role in accentuating the fact that the river is a connecting point between the metropolitan Connecticut society and nature. All year round, there are fun activities, games, festivals, gatherings, promotions and kid-friendly exhibitions being held at the river but come July 6, 2013, it would once again be time for jaw-dropping, gorgeous fireworks. It is River Fest time!

For one, admission or watching the games and contests being held during this festival is completely free of charge, there is no admission fee. At the venue along the river, there are activities like lumber jack competition, live entertainment, kids activities, rowing competition and also a spectacular water ski show that never fails to awe even people who have seen the shows year after year.

The fireworks, which is the highlight of the festival, is usually scheduled to go off at the strike of 9pm on that night so, be there early if you want to reserve a space for your family and friends. The festival is official on the road at 4pm sharp. If the entrance at Mortensen Riverfront Plaza is packed, we reckon you can get in more easily through the Great River Park entrance. Just get the Connecticut party bus driver to drop you off in East Hartford.

For this year’s participants, there is something new to look forward to - a new UConn Timber Sports competition which will see lumberjacks show off their unique techniques which includes modern and traditional techniques. For urbanites, this is quite an eye-opening experience, to be honest. It is exciting to watch them saw it off using different techniques but it goes to show that despite it being a profession that few people actually know or care about, they are completely in control of their work and the techniques are jaw-droppingly accurate. This year, there will be men and women in the mixed team contest and they will be fighting for the coveted titles this year.

Another highlighted feature of River Fest is the water ski show. The ski show is done by none other than the Oxbow team of performers who are all pumped to show off their best moves for the pyramids, ballet, skiing, and jetski shows.

At the point of writing this, the schedule’s not been updated and we suggest that our Connecticut party bus rental customers check their website at RiverFront.org for detailed itinerary and show schedules.

Hammonasset Beach State Park (Connecticut)

connecticut affordable party bus limousine rentalMar 21, 2013 - Suffice to say, people don’t come to Hammonasset Beach State Park for surfing, nor do they come here for watersports....they basically bringing their brood in large rented party buses for a good time, relaxing under the fantastic weather, share precious memories with their loved ones and friends and maybe do a little swimming in between eating, drinking and playing catch up. To say that Hammonasset Beach State Park is off-the-beaten-track is stretching things a little far because, very clearly, you can find the park well listed on most major travel sites and blogs, so, it has been receiving a lot of attention and attendance from local as well as foreign tourists. Once you have experienced the relaxed and languid time that Hammonasset can gracefully accord you, you will find that spending a day here is simply not enough.

There is two full miles worth of sandy, flat, glistening beach and it is big and wide enough to accommodate the summer crowds too. And we are talking about HUGE crowds so, make your way there early to book your own spot. Once you find the spot of your choice, whip out the blanket, umbrella-chair and it is time to let the R&R begin in earnest.

One of the most common questions people will have about parks and beaches would be amenities - yes, there is ample facilities here which includes clean and well-maintained restrooms and showers. Of course, because of how narrow the beach is (it is long-ish, instead), we can’t say things like ‘it is comparable to Rhode Island but as far as space is concerned, there is absolutely huge enough.

If you are not game for swimming and sunbathing, worry not, because there are plenty of space for biking, picnicking, running, and maybe even a little kite-flying if you prefer. It is a beach but remember, it is also a park for children to play and for people to walk their dogs after a tough working week. And besides, it is one of the best beaches you will find Connecticut.

Folks who live in and around the beach will take regularly long after-dinner walks here and for foreigners, they might even stop by at the nature center. Admittedly, the locals don’t bother much with the center but it is well-maintained by the authorities all the same.

According to some people, bird-watching is also an all-time favorite activity at the beach-park. Some will even venture out to the trail of saltwater marshes. We hope everyone has the best of time exploring and relaxing in Hammonasset Beach Park as much as some people we know.

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