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Planning a Limousine Rental in Durango, Colorado?

Durango Limousine

Any time that you are looking for a marvelous outing with some of your friends, you should rent a limousine to take you all around the area of Durango. You are definitely going to want to do a little bit of a restaurant tour because there are so many fabulous choices while you are in town. Gather up some of your friends who enjoy good food and terrific times and you can have your limousine stop at a bunch of nice destinations. Certainly, you will also have a good number of opportunities along the way where you can ask many of the different locals if they have any incredible recommendations that they can give you. Keep an open mind and set your sights for good times when you make your way out in Durango in a limousine.

A great place that you may want to take into consideration when you get your evening started is China Restaurant, located over on 1525 Main Avenue. You and your limousine friends are sure to agree that this place really has all of the makings of an amazing stop for Chinese cuisine. There are always wonderfully large portions served up at this restaurant so you and your crew are sure to get plenty to eat. However, you may want to order up several appetizers to snack on if you are going to have the limousine take you out to other restaurants. You should know that the prices at this restaurant are very reasonable and the atmosphere is just right for drinks and noshing for a bit. After you are finished, you can all pile back into the limousine for the next leg of your adventure.

You cannot go wrong by heading in the direction of 801 East 2nd Avenue for a visit to the Steamworks Brewing Company. This is a fabulous place where you can order up anything that you could imagine to eat, including sandwiches, pizza, burgers and more. You are sure to really enjoy the rustic feel of this place, and most visitors are always pleasantly surprised by the great food that they are served. Perhaps you can order up your favorite mixed concoction from the bar or even sample one of the incredible beer selections. Depending on the season, you and your limousine friends may even be able to check out the current sporting event on television during your visit.

If you would like to hit up one of the bars in the area, then you should think about having your driver bring you over to the Lost Dog Bar & Lounge. This is a really nice spot, located on 1150 Main Avenue, where you can relax over drinks or even kick things up a bit. Perhaps you will find that a favorite song of yours is playing and you can grab one of your friends to dance a bit. There are plenty of good times to be had while you are at this establishment. Certainly, this as well as other things that you will be doing will have all of the makings of a fabulous Durango limousine adventure.

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