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Erie Party Limo

Finding a limousine to rent for your Party is an important event in your life. After all, the Party is an important occasion that you will remember for the rest of your days. One of the cool things about renting a limo is that you can take it out on the town Party is over. What a great way for you to be able to impress your Party date! Luckily for you, the Erie area is full of all kinds of really cool places that are fun and exciting to visit during the evening hours in your Party limousine adventure!

Party, you and your date may be thinking about taking the limousine to a great place where you can grab a tasty bite to eat. If this is the case, have the limo driver bring you and your Party date over to an eatery called Calamari's Squid Row located at 1317 State Street. This is a pretty large place that is filled with a friendly staff and a nice atmosphere. To cure your hunger pangs, there are over 60 delicious items on the menu for you to choose from, including everything such as burgers, seafood, pastas, steaks, soups, salads and more. There is even a romantic deck outside where you will often find various live entertainers. You can even shoot a game of pool with your Party date before you go back out to the limousine.

Are you or your Party date in the market for a few good laughs? If so, then you may want to think about going over to Jr's Last Laugh Comedy Club. Tell the limo driver that you need to go to this hilarious location at 1402 State Street. This club plays host to some of the best regional and national comedy acts that they can find. Many well-known comedians have hit the stage here such as Emo Philips and more. You and your Party date are sure to have a laugh riot when you take a seat in this great club. There are even fun glow in the dark tables throughout which make quite a fun addition to the evening. Laugh it up before you set back out on the town in your rented limousine.

Even though you got your groove on while you were at the Party, do you still feel like hitting the dance floor? Well, if you do, you should have the limo driver bring you over to 144 West 13th Street so you can see what is going on at the Metropolitan Dance Club. This is a large, and largely popular dance club that is sure to satisfy all of your dancing needs. You and your Party date will be thrilled with the huge dance floor that is made up of five different dance platforms. The decor is a lot of fun as well, almost making all of the patrons feel as though they have stepped into a hot nightspot on South Beach! You and your Party date will surely agree that this was a good choice for a stop on your limousine adventure through Erie.

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