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Renting A Limo For Party In Green Bay

So, you are going to the Party and you are gearing up to rent a limo for you and your date. Chances are, you may not want to stay for your entire Party. If this is the case, you might as well go out in the limousine Party and get the most for your money. When you are in Green Bay Party, you are going to have plenty of places to choose from that you can go to in your rented limo.

If you are looking to have a few laughs with your Party date, you should have the limo driver bring you over to Comedy City, located at 211 North Washington Street. This is a really fun place where you can not only catch local comedians, but regional performers as well. There is something going on just about every night at Comedy City, and the weekends are always a full schedule of laughs. This is a great way to get your evening Party in your limousine started.

So, if you think that you are feeling like getting your groove on, bring your Party date over to Oasis, otherwise fondly known as The O by all of the locals. Once the limo brings you to the location at 201 North Washington Street and you hear the beat coming from inside, you are going to want to start moving! This is THE place in the area to go to mingle amidst the crowd and dance the night away. Go out and hit the floor with your Party date and shake your groove thang to all of the hottest techno, club and R&B hits. The decor inside has a bit of a sunny and tropical feel, which will warm you all over before you head back out into the limo looking for more things to do.

Another cool dance club that is extremely popular in Green Bay is called Lexus. Tell the limo driver to hit the location at 217 East Walnut Street so that you and your Party date can check it out. It is in the location of the old Green Bay civic center, and there is plenty of room inside for you to move and dance around. There are always a great number of beautiful people dancing here, and you and your Party date can join them during your limousine excursion.

By this time, you may want to ride around for a while in the limousine with your Party date. Cruise the interesting and scenic streets throughout the Green Bay area and figure out where you could possible want to go next. Is your Party date in the mood for a tasty coffee drink? If so, have the limousine swing on by one of the local coffee houses. Maybe you are looking for a quick snack. Chances are, there is probably a quaint little sandwich shop or cafe that is open late. Go ahead and travel around the city to get the biggest bang for your buck. After all, this is Party night and you want to keep the party going as long as you possibly can! There is just about no limit to the cool things that you can do when you are out and about in the city of Green Bay Party.

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