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Making The Most of Budget Miami Trip

miami party bus rental responsible bachelor partyAug 6, 2013 - It is probably one of the biggest understatement to say that it is quite impossible to explore the whole of Miami within a short period of time. By saying ‘short period of time’, we are talking about a span of five to ten days. Even two weeks is stretching things by quite a fair bit. But if you worked around a good, personalized itinerary and a good Miami party bus rental company that could provide you with affordable and professional party bus, shuttle bus, mini bus or van that suits your group, it is possible to explore as much as possible without busting your budget.

Miami is a tourist mecca, therefore, overspending without realizing it is too easy. And besides, there are many ways to get around in the popular areas without breaking the bank...the secret is knowing the local know-hows.

As any tourist agency or agents can tell you, timing is everything. The peak periods are fun, of course, but this would entail loads of crowds, shortage of public transportation, running out of admission tickets and long waits. Peak time would mean springtime when the school is out and also not forgetting anywhere near Christmas and New Year...the tourist attractions, whether you book them four months ahead of time or at the counter, ARE going to be jam packed. And because Miami enjoys an amazing sub-tropical weather, it does not come without pitfalls, which means that there is hurricane season right about August right down to October. Some people might be deterred with hurricane season and not come at all. No, we think that it is perfectly fine if you are ready for simple logistic solutions.

Apart from finding affordable accommodation during your Miami party bus rental holiday and vacation, overspending often involves food. If you are planning on saving a couple of bucks here and there on food, we suggest taking full advantage of early birds specials. Some restaurants give special prices for those who are there before actual meal times - yes, you will be eating a lot earlier than others but at the very least, you get to enjoy dinner of the same quality at a discounted rate. And as far as we know, nobody complains about getting discounts.

Another costly factor to take into account would be transportation. Moving around from one tourist attraction to another using the Miami public transportation is perfectly fine when you are headed to the downtown ones. The problem arises when the need to get OUT of town to popular spots like the Everglades. This leaves you with a couple of options....renting a car or a bus. One needs a good GPS, guide or a good sense of direction and memory in order to drive around in an unknown part of Miami.

On the other hand, if you made use of Miami party bus limousine rental services, problem is solved.

Miami, A Premium Choice For Beach Parties

miami party bus rental responsible bachelor partyMay 13, 2013 - Located slightly on the south side of the country most certainly has its benefits - warm weather all year round and of course, endless trails of beaches is just another one of those benefits that Mother Nature has decided to give the Miami locals. That is the precise reason why people love to bring their rented party buses to Miami for their beach parties. As the temperature drops in other parts of the country, the number of celebrations related to birthdays, proms, bachelor or bachelorette parties increase tremendously!

Miami stands at being the eighth most populous cities in the country and it faces the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean. To see how much the locals love their beaches, try hitting one of the beaches during a weekday - they continue to be crowded with people from all walks of life, be it local residents, holiday-goers or foreign visitors! So, it would be strange to find a Miami beach completely stranded, in all honesty.

Made out of the 2nd most number of Cuban-American populations, the diverse culture and multi-ethnicity of the city of Miami makes a party bus trip here even more exciting and educational. Through the hotbed of culture, you will get to learn more about and adapt to their lifestyle - which is eye-opening, to say the very least.

The Miami port is not called the cruise capital of the world for nothing, mind you, it is one of the busiest ports in the world and it serves both import-export industry and passenger/tourism industry at the same time which explains why it is one the busiest ports.

Along the coastline, you can easily locate and rent out a beach house to have your party or gathering. After a languid day of sunbathing, swimming, trying out some watersport, and perhaps some surfing (If time permits. There are just too many things to do that sometimes you will find yourself spoilt for choice), come back into the rented beach house and it is time to get the barbeque going.

As night falls and the sound of waves lends the atmosphere a calming and relaxing sound, the mood is set. Get the drinks out, dig into the party comfort food, pull out the guitar and the party will soon head towards an unforgettable climax. A climax that you will most probably remember for a long time to come.

Another good reason why people love having their party bus rental beach party in Miami is because renting out a party bus or a beachside property is easy and affordable. Unlike other cities in the country where the property rental market isn’t as saturated, the beach house rental industry here in Miami is extremely competitive. And this can only mean one thing for holiday-goers and the everyday tourists - affordable travel!

Lemoni Cafe (Miami FL)

miami party bus rental responsible bachelor partyMar 12, 2013 - Although people are often looking around for a pub, cafe or a bar in Miami Florida, sometimes it pays to stop and smell the coffee....especially at a quaint little outlet cafe like Memoni Cafe. Being a little bit on the new on the block means that the menu is a little limited but customers who have been there says that the staff and workers have been regularly adding new things into the menu for their customers to try, so it is like getting a surprise every time you visit.

Of course, because it is a cafe and restaurant, cleanliness hits the top of the list of priorities and Lemoni is not just clean and spotless but the staff is friendly too. Don’t know what to order at the cafe? Don’t be shy, just ask the waitress because she most certainly knows what is good in the cafe. They have specials for specific days, for example, Salmon Burger on Thursdays and Turkey Panini on Tuesdays but you can take your pick from two or three different options if you like, all the other stuff are pretty neat too. Apparently, the Lemoni Cafe makes and serves one of the most to-die-for Blueberry pancakes there is in Miami Florida, so please check it out and share it with others who are interested in looking for a nice, small, comfortable cafe like Lemoni.

What is great about Lemoni Cafe when compared to cafes of similar size in Miami is that they have the widest and most diverse vegetarian menu like the Soy Burger Wrap which has been winning thumbs up since the cafe popped up.

Although their main purpose of the outlet is to serve only as a cafe, there are alcoholic options in the menu and they come in the form of a diverse list of beers, wine and also some of the most awesome dessert options.

Unlike other more established restaurants, the staff are really handy and friendly which is mood-lifting when you walk in on a hot afternoon. The food has been rated online as affordable yet delicious and has been named one of the must-go places in Miami when you are either craving for awesome desserts or a quick, delicious and inexpensive lunch to-go. Yes, by the way, they do delivery too. Just check out their website about the coverage area for the delivery service.

On top of serving awesome food and providing top notch service, the Lemoni Cafe is quite a looker on the inside and outside too. The French and English theme decor is most certainly one of the reasons why people go back to Lemoni for more.

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