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Eating Out At Atlantic City’s Mortons The Steakhouse

new jersey party bus limousine rentalAug 21, 2013 - Morton’s history as one of the best steakhouses in the country goes back long time ago and it comes with quite an interesting story too. You see, Morton’s chain of restaurants began before the owners knew each other...both were working in the same establishment but with Klaus Fritsch working the kitchen. The restaurant was about to change some of the items they had on the menu and Arnie Morton was there to give the new food items a try.

To cut a long story short, Klaus Fritsch came up with a burger that they now call the Million Dollar Hamburger and Arnie Morton was completely sold, dramatically bursting through the kitchen doors to happily demand to see who made the hamburger.

And as we all know it, the rest is history.

Now, Morton have more than 70 restaurants in all parts of the country and is hanging onto their reputation like nothing else. They have been consistent in maintaining the quality and works hard at giving genuine hospitality to each and every single one of their customers. Although Morton’s beginnings had its roots in the Million Dollar Hamburger, today, the Morton that we have today, is better known for the phenomenal steak.

Some would argue that it is not the best place in Atlantic City for those who are on a budget, let’s just say that you get what you paid for. The portion is huge and they give royalty treatment to all their customers who come from all walks of life.

And you know the restaurant is serious about their food when they are one of the few partners who got together to fund Morton’s Chef Choice, a scholarship program that supports future top chefs. It is important for restaurants to make a profit but this establishment understands that dreams of these young chef-wannabes are important as well. Morton also released the ‘Morton’s Steak Bible’ which is a recipe book. The book is selling in many bookstores and also on Amazon.

For those who overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices you will have at this restaurant, go ahead and ask one of the wait staff, they are incredibly friendly and will helpfully point you in the right direction. The recommended dishes include the Beef Short Rib and Scallops, Mac and Cheese with Bacon, Matchstick Fries with Truffle Oil, Cajun Ribeye, and of course, let’s not forget the steak.

The ambiance is cozy, romantic and perfect for couple dinners. Make no mistake about it, it is also kid-friendly but the overall experience is more for business meetings, corporate gatherings, VIP dinners, special occasions, and celebrations between friends and family.

jersey shore

Palace of Sweets Adventure Race

new jersey party bus limousine rentalMay 27, 2013 - The kids won’t be able to resist it, especially little girls. Why? Just by simply walking by the center is going to bring out the squeals from the kids because it is a maze, it looks fun with the neon blinking lights and there are images and sweets and candy related decorations and items on the exterior of the building. Sweets and little kids, as we all know it, are quite inseparable especially when they are on a New Jersey charter bus rental holiday together with their family and friends. The Palace of Sweets is located in Wildwood New Jersey and they have been built based on one single theme - candy.

When designing the mirror mazes, the purpose was clear that they wanted the little ones to feel like they are entering a Palace of Sweets and suffice to say, the objective has been achieved. There is also an interesting story that goes along with the maze and games.

Once upon a time, there was a Prince and Princess who lived in this candy-themed castle. The Prince and Princess were instructed to learn all they can ever learn about making sweets before they are allowed to eat more of them and with that, the royal siblings set off on a quest to learn more about candy-making.

Upon entering the maze, visitors will feel like they are stepping into the shoes of those royal siblings and embarking on the same quest as they share, explore, challenge and learn all they can about candy-making while playing the games available in the Dark Forest. The destination, the children are told, is none other than Candy Glade. It is one of the most kid-friendly New Jersey charter bus rental tourist attractions there is in this part of NJ.

All in all, the games are not only fun for your offspring, even the grownups are going to have a field day with the consistently glowing lights, freaky reflections in the mirrors and the music is going to keep the mood going the whole day through.

It was said that the admission fee is a little too pricey for a single location/game/center but we think that the smile on the little ones’ faces is going to make it all worthwhile. The admission is, by the way, an all-day pass which means that visitors are allowed to repeatedly come in for another round even after they are done exploring the maze! There will be many things going on at the same time throughout the journey and we are sure that the kids are going to want to come back in for a second or third time just to see if they have missed something.

Palace of Sweets will make a fantastic birthday destination or summer vacation hotspot for families who are traveling in New Jersey in their rented charter bus for the first time.

Bayonne County Park (NJ)

new jersey party bus limousine rentalMar 28, 2013 - Once in a while we all need to take a breather, go somewhere spacious outdoors for some much-needed R&R and in our years of experience in helping our New Jersey party bus rental customers put together events, whether it is indoors or outdoors, we have always managed to find such spaces in New Jersey. The Garden State, as it is always lovingly referred to, is big on being green and helping our society protect Mother Earth in whatever way that they can.

One such space in New Jersey is in this nice little nook of a neighborhood called Bayonne Park or back then, it was better known as the Stephen R. Gregg Bayonne County Park. Comparatively less equipped than many other more popular parks, the park holds true to its purpose of providing ample space for families and friends to gather and have a little bit of fun before the sun calls it a day and the moon peeks out at night.

The park consists of slightly less than one hundred acre worth of land and is decorated beautifully with large shady trees throughout the park. There are well-maintained pathways along the shady areas of the park which makes it the perfect spot for a short walk before dinner or a romantic date with your loved ones. In fact, people who live in the surrounding neighborhoods often come here to walk their dogs at the end of the day, and before they call it a day.

Here, the sound of barking dogs and laughing children is common...which is something most of us need when we are done with a stressful, rushed day. The greenery that it provides and its dusty walkways are serene and peaceful sights. For biking enthusiasts, much to your delight, the park also offer biking trail and track course. There are loads of sprinklers littered throughout the park, and the kids will be able to run around from one sprinkler to another just like the would in a water theme park. Absolutely invigorating.

For those who would like to organize a gathering can make use of the community center and picnic facilities too.

With the park’s proximity to water, the sound of waves crashing during a jog, walk or run can be such a refreshing sound. Reviewers who are runners have exclaimed that the calming sound of waves crashing while they are running gave them more focus and they get better at running day after day.

Those who are on a lookout for a nice place to rest and relax in New Jersey, this is it. This is an amazingly peaceful haven to be at, especially during weekends.

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