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Places To Stay In New York City

denver party bus bachelor partyAug 20, 2013 - If you are coming into New York City for the very first time, finding good lodging at a reasonable price on the internet can be tough. Pictures can only tell you this much about how the place really is. And that is precisely why we strongly urge our New York City party bus rental customers to rely more heavily on reviews and what others had to say. Even with heavy reliance on reviews, one would have to take into account that some reviews were merely written in bad faith.

So, here are a couple of places that comes strongly recommended based on reviews and comments.

Omni Berkshire Place is, first of all, very strategically located on 21 E 52nd St, Madison Avenue, NYC 10019, therefore, in most people’s eyes, that is brownie point in their pocket. The Omni is located halfway between Central Park and Grand Central Station, which means taking the tube and access to public transportation is an absolute breeze. People that we have spoken to and asked have all mentioned that it makes a great place for events, gatherings, celebrations and other similar events if you are not here for the rooms. One of the things that makes this hotel really stand out is their customer service, which has always been the main focus of their chain of hotels. The mid-range price of the hotel rooms makes it an ideal option too, because there are many other hotels of similar quality and star rating that has higher room rates. You can find out more information about the rooms, packages, amenities and prices from their website. Their customer service can also be reached on 1-800-THE-OMNI.

Comfort Inn Manhattan has earned itself quite good ratings too in terms of being able to accommodate large groups of people so, this should make it the perfect place to stay in during your New York City party bus rental tour and vacation and being in the middle of Manhattan is seen is a big plus point too. Comfort Inn Manhattan is located on 42, West 35th Street, New York City 10001-221. The unique charm about Comfort Inn is that it seems as though their rooms have their own unique charm and feel about it. As a tourist from overseas or out of town, it has been said that this place is the perfect place for you because it is right smack in the middle of everything touristy. In fact, the Empire State Building is at the next building, literally a stone’s throw away. You can easily find details about room packages, amenities, etc at their website.

And in the meantime, for those who are looking around for reliable and affordable New York City party bus, please do not hesitate to head over to our website to find out more about how we can be the ground transportation service provider in the near future.

Local Manhattan Flavor in These Manhattan Live Bars (NYC)

denver party bus bachelor partyMay 21, 2013 - Despite being known for having the most theaters and broadway showcases, there is no shortage of bars with LIVE music in New York city as well. There is something very different about going to a pub with LIVE music...especially when we have talented artistes and comedians up on stage who are geared to entertain the night away.

A good place to head to with the rented charter bus for a bar crawl or a bachelor party bus get-together is a place called Bowery Ballroom located along Delancey St. between Kenmare St and Bowery, to be exact. The bar is open from 6pm till late into the night, officially it closes at 2am but the bar for most parts remain open because of the patrons and party-goers. The bar has ample space and can accommodate gatherings and large groups so, give them a call if a private space is what you are looking for. The best time to head over to Bowery is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. As it turns out, the main ballroom area has tons of space so that patrons can let their hair down and put on their dancing shoes for some serious dancing when they want to.

Gay bars are not exclusive to the LGBT community because bars like Marie’s Crisis have very regular, friendly and welcoming visitors too. The loyal customers know how to have more fun than anyone else, really. If that is what you are interested in seeing and experiencing during your New York City party bus rental tour vacation, then as soon as the sun starts setting, tell the charter bus driver that you would like to head to Marie’s Crisis on Grove St. in the West Village neighborhood. It is one of those friendly LIVE bar entertainment outlet that is loved in all of Manhattan and the good thing about Marie’s Crisis is that there is no cover charge.

You know how ‘Cheers’ the series made famous local bars with friendly people? How about the cafe that the friends in ‘Friends’ go to for their regular get-togethers? Well, yes, Marie’s Crisis is like that on most nights. A place for friends to hang around and catch up over a couple of drinks while enjoying LIVE entertainment.

The Happy Hour rate during weekday is unbelievable, the drinks are strong. The brew is a sure bet in loosening those knotted muscles that a long and tiring day at work may have caused. And remember to give us a call if a large gathering is what you are organizing. We can't wait to be a part of your party!

Gantry State Park (NYC)

denver party bus bachelor partyMar 26, 2013 - Yes, we have all heard about New York City’s all-encompassing, gorgeous and beautiful Central Park which has become a major attraction for visitors from all over the world. The name Central Park has been mentioned countless times and used as a backdrop for films, stories and documentaries as well. While less have been said about Gantry Plaza State Park, the 12-acre riverside oasis serves as an important outdoor attraction for people outside of the Manhattan area. In fact, because of the fact that it is literally a stone’s throw away from downtown Manhattan, people who are at Gantry State Park have splendid view of the Manhattan skyline, Empire State Building and also not to mention the unique United Nations building.

This pet-friendly park provides a reprieve for those who are working or living in and around Long Island City for a very long time. During weekends, the park will be filled with families, babies in strollers, skateboarding teenagers, runners, bikers, hikers, toddlers playing with their friends, parents and pets, and also couples out for a healthy walk.

The park boasts of a very unique mist fountain which anyone will find beautiful. Remember to take lots of pictures, especially candid ones, of people playing around the mist fountain. However, the mist fountain is not the most anticipated feature of the park, the restored gantries are, in fact, the masterpiece of the park.

Many people find this park the perfect place not just for physical activities but also for them to take short breaks from reality, to destress and also to do some people-watching especially during spring and summer months. As you walk along or sit and observe at the Gantry park, there will inevitably be people who are there to take pictures of the WTC (or to check on the progress of the new site) which is just across the river. The scene is extremely touching.

The park sits neatly near some of the most trendy neighborhoods too, like Hunter’s Point which also serves as a photography enthusiast’s haven. Foodie travelers will also not be disappointed with the sheer number of authentic cuisine and diners around the park.

As we have mentioned before, not many people know about the park and some of the locals will sheepishly admit that they secretly prefer it this way in order to avoid the crowd. The park is full of benches and is absolutely clean. Basically, if you are looking for a quiet corner to sit down, connect and relax with your friends and family over the weekend, Gantry State Park could very well be your best bet.

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