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First Stop, Philly’s Independence Visitor Center

philadelphia party bus limousine prom limousineAug 26, 2013 - Often times, we hit a new city that we have never been to randomly and not know what to do and where to go. One shall not waste such precious time when trying to explore as many different attractions in Philadelphia and the best way to beat this time-wasting problem is to hit the Independence Visitor Center the very moment we arrive in Philadelphia. The center is located conveniently at the National Historical Museum so, before heading anywhere else, we strongly suggest visiting the center for some information and suggestions.

In fact, if you have questions, all you need to do is to visit their website at http://www.phlvisitorcenter.com/, there is a app on the homepage of the site where visitors can pose questions to the live agents or tweet them up. Answers are almost instant and is live. The Independence Visitor Center is also the convenient mid-point between (naturally) the National Historical Park, the city of Philadelphia, the Southern New Jersey and Delaware River Waterfronts. For those who are arriving during the night, you might find the visitor center closed but lets give them a hand for being there for Philadelphia party bus rental visitors on Twitter. Yes, according to sources, the people manning the Twitter account @PHLVisitorCntr k eep a tab on the account around the clock.

Making this the first stop when you have kids makes sense too because the staff will keep the kids occupied with some simple activities while you explore the brochures, websites, flyers and available info. The kids who complete the activities given to them will get the chance to earn themselves a park ranger badge. The great thing about making this your first stop is that these handy information is not available anywhere else...yes, you could hit the internet and look things up on your own but nothing beats the lowdown on Philly like how the locals know. And besides, there is absolutely no way to moderate or verify the information that we find on the internet whereas, we are given solid details and suggestions from the experienced staff.

The Visitor Center is at the center of many historical landmarks and you would want to know which direction and attraction should be visited instead of wasting your time going round and round in a city that you are unfamiliar with. The whole historical area is done up really nice and is well-maintained and has earned itself a name as one of the best visitor center in the country.

So, take heed of the advice given to you by some of our well-travelled Philadelphia party bus rental customers and in the meantime, if you are hunting down the best Philadelphia charter bus, coach charter, mini bus, party bus or a double-decker bus in Philadelphia, we welcome questions via email, online social networking accounts and telephone. Hope to hear from you soon.

Revolutionary Germantown Festival (Philadelphia)

philadelphia party bus limousine prom limousineMar 31, 2013 - As far as Philadelphia is concerned, everyone knows it is hard to stay away from historical sites, stories and places that inspire and motivate visitors and guests and when one is in Germantown, this very same fact is VERY real. Germantown is known as one of the most historically-rich places in the country, not just Philadelphia, therefore, it makes sense that they have the Revolutionary Germantown Festival on a daily basis. This day-long historical affair has been known throughout the year to draw tens of thousands of visitors and event-goers from all over the country and the rest of the world too.

What makes this festival different from other food and drink related events in Philadelphia is the reenactment of the Battle of Germantown, which changed the town forever. It reenacts the tough and hard battle fought in Philadelphia that helped shape the country so, there is loads for the kids to learn here as well.

It would be best if guests had their own Philadelphia charter bus rental service if visiting in a large group with family and friends; nevertheless, those who are without such transportation can make use of the escorted charter buses provided by the event organizers or simply make use of the walking tours where the guides will show you where and what happened on that fateful day.

The one thing that you would have to expect is...crowd...yes, lots of people, limited parking spaces but loads of fun learning about things you never thought you would have a hands-on learning experience about. What is strongly recommended for visitors who are geared for some fun is the early American toys at Upsala.

Upsala is a mansion built on Mount Airy back in 1798 by a John Johnson who is also the builder of another historically-significant house nearby, the John Johnson House. The man was a passionate resident of Germantown despite his upbringing as an Quaker. The house is also an encampment site for the Continental Army during the war, hence, its significant role during the festival.

With a festival like this, where lives are lost and wars are won, the visit would completely miss the point if one does not pay respect to the soldiers who were sacrificed during the fight and frankly speaking, it is not as somber as one would have thought. The sites to visit to pay respect to the soldiers would be at Concord School and Upper Burying Ground.

Anyhow, the highlight of the festival is always the famous reenactment of the way which starts sharp at noon and ends three hours later. Visitors often end up feeling encouraged, motivated, touched and had a lot of fun at the same time.

Go Vertical (Philadelphia)

philadelphia party bus limousine prom limousineJan 31, 2013 - When traveling with kids, things can get a little tough when they get restless. One moment they are bouncing off walls, the very next moment, they are wailing with sleepiness. You are going to doubtlessly fight off their moodiness and restlessness but if you are looking for something fun to do with the kids in Philadelphia, consider bringing them to Go Vertical, a rock-climbing-cum-gym facility in Philadelphia.

Go Vertical is not just the only rock climbing facility and gym in Philadelphia, it is also the largest one there is in the whole east coast. It is a good opportunity to learn the art of rock climbing and serve as a safer option, as opposed to letting the kids do the real thing outdoors. Sometimes, parents who are into rock climbing like to bring their kids here just to let off steam and experience the euphoria of reaching the top of the ‘mountain’. The facility is also a top choice for corporations and organizations who wishes to organize team-building activities for their workers. The more time spent here, challenging each other, cheering each other on and forming teams will strengthen the bond that your employees have with each other.

Rock climbing, as we all know, can be dangerous; worry not because the staff working here are well-trained about how to handle your skill level. Sometimes, they are just there comforting you and cheering you on even when you are struck by fear (especially when you have reached all the way to the top and fear grips your heart and you end up not being able to get down - it happens). And it is also comforting to know that the staff are genuinely concerned about your safety. The instructors will ask personal questions and get to know you better before letting you go up. The rock climbing facility is not just popular with the kids but grownups are enchanted with the place as well, with some of them visiting the gym regularly during weekends with their friends and family.

The fee for a beginner’s course is priced at an affordable $65 per person (please check website for more current rates) for two hours. There are passes you can purchase off their website if you intend to make it your regular routine. By buying the passes, the classes are cheaper. Bear in mind that special gears and shoes are needed for rock climbing and for those who do not personally own their own gears, the harness, shoes and devices are rented out at the place. By the way, climbing is a great way to release stress too!

We hope you have a safe and fun time at Go Vertical!

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