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Virginia is a place rich in our country's history. A great way to tour this area is with a group of history loving friends in the luxurious comfort of a limousine. This is sure to be a treat for any history-loving group.

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the New World, which is now the United States we all know and love. The story of Jamestown is documented here, in a national park, located on the Jamestown Island site, which is where they landed. You can learn about the exploits of Captain John Smith here, he was the colony's leader, who was rescued from execution by the American Indian princess Pocahontas. You will also learn about the arrival of the nation's first African American slaves, and about how life was in 17th century Virginia. More than 100 building frames have been excavated by archeologists, as well as evidence of manufacturing (including pottery, winemaking, brick making, and glass blowing, roads, wells, and artifacts numbering hundreds of thousands, such as tools, utensils, ceramic dishes, armor, keys, and other such objects that show us a little about their every day life.

Next door you will find the Jamestown Settlement. This is a state-run living history museum complex, where you can also see recreations of the three ships that the settlers arrived on in 1607. You will see the colony they built, and a typical American Indian village of the time.

If it is time for you and your history loving limousine crew to grab some lunch there is a café at Jamestown Settlement, but you and your friends might prefer to take advantage of the picnic areas at the National Park Service site.

While Williamsburg was the political capital of Virginia during the 18th century, its economic livelihood depended on the great tobacco plantations like Carter's Grove. Several more of the mansions built during that period of wealthy landowners still stand today along the banks of the James River between Williamsburg and Richmond. Some of the homes have been occupied to this day by the same families, which have produced generals, governors, and two presidents. They provide an authentic feel for 18th-century plantation life.

Alternatively, you can take your limousine full of history buffs to Williamsburg. Here you can take a step back in time and experience the dreams and ideas of everyday people and great people alike on the eve of the American Revolution. More than two hundred years ago the process of defining our country's values and beliefs started here, and today it continues on.

Near the Public Hospital you can see what the treatment of mental disorders was like in the first public institution in the country that was devoted only to the care and treatment of those who were mentally ill.

While you're here you and your limousine crew can also tour the elegant residence, of seven royal governors, the Governor's Palace. You will see things from a weaponry display in the entrance hall to portraits in the ballroom. This Palace was intended to impress colonists as well as visitors with the power and prestige of the King's representative in Virginia.

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