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Paint and Party Away at ArtJamz

franklin roosevelt statue washington dc party bus rental attractionAug 28, 2013 -1728 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington DC 20009

ArtJamz is precisely what it says it is - a place to paint, creatively express yourself while jamming to some music and sipping your favorite drink. It is one of the first of its kind, and it was a novel idea to combine hanging out with painting under one roof. Being one of the original public art and painting studio cum bar and lounge was something the owners thought would be fun. It is what we do at home but why not have a place where large groups of people can do the same thing while hanging out.

ArtJamz, which was launched in 2010, aims to be a roving pop-up paint party so, it is perfect for large San Diego party bus gatherings, parties and also a place to learn from professionals. There are now various other establishments that have opened up all around Washington DC but Art Jamz used to be the only original one in this nook of the town.

The best thing is that the studio provides for everything, just come as you like and make use of their abundant supply or art items. They have the setting all set up, music ready to play, works of art ready for purchase, supplies to be used and a cool and comfortable setting for visitors to enjoy.

Creative Enablers are the trained painters and artists who are there to guide, give advice, and also to encourage others who are interested in art. Sometimes, they activate other centers which are in Dupont and Crystal City but sometimes, for the fun of it, there are random pop-up ArtJamz in other cool areas around the town.

The cool thing about hanging out at places like ArtJamz is that you are not rushed and do not have to finish your artwork within a specific number of hours. You do it your way...slowly, languidly, and without stress. Stress is a huge creative killer, we might like to add.

Some people might get worried if they should visit ArtJamz if they are not really into art...being artistically trained and inclined is not a prerequisite. The friendly staff are absolutely fun, engaging, relaxed and inspiring. There will be other groups around, just like there would be in a formal lounge and bar, but it is not usually very crowded, especially during weekdays. Therefore, we strongly encourage Washington DC party bus rental visitors to give the center a call before heading over on a weekend.

National Crime Museum

franklin roosevelt statue washington dc party bus rental attractionJune 4, 2013 -Good Morning America called it a must for fans of popular American crime series CSI for a very good reason. The National Crime Museum, although not as new and updated as other similar museums around Washington DC, it continues to be most documented Washington DC museum there is and we strongly encourage our Washington DC party bus rental customers to spend a couple of hours at this attraction going through the wide ranging types of activities.

The museum’s main aim is to educate people about the history of crime and the punishments carried out for various specific crimes, a true eye-opener for some of us who are glued to the TV whenever a crime show is on. In the spotlight are some high profile cases, the museum gives visitors a chance to have a closer look at the stories of rescue and police investigation.

While the younger kids might not be interested in the posters and exhibits, we guarantee you that teenagers are going to have a splendid time looking around learning more about high speed police chases and exploring the artifacts related to real life criminals.

The museum is not your ordinary crime museum because the management and officials behind this amazing Washington DC party bus rental attraction is that they organize regular yearly events (namely the Cherry Blossom Festival), have a very updated audio tour program, run an active forensic workshop and manages to put up some exciting crime movie screening. In fact, if you feel like you wish to contribute towards their crime prevention mission, let them know that you would like to do something for the victims of the crimes and also help find missing people, especially children.

In a way, the Crime Museum is a place where tribute is paid to those who were involved in solving those mysteries. The heroes who helped bring justice to America are introduced to curious Washington DC party bus rental visitors while giving them a chance to venture into a whole new world...namely, the dark side of the criminal mind. The venture into the criminal mind will leave most visitors’ minds’ blown because it is an interactive activity that lets you in on a world that most normal folks like you and me know.

The crime scene lab introduces new technology used in crime solving while an interactive FBI shooting range intrigues and excites the mind of guests who are familiar with these scenes only on television.

The history of punishments, in the meantime, brings visitors all the way back into medieval times when criminals were punished in damp dungeons using the harshest methods known to man. For those who are interested in visiting the museum together with your family and friends, please do not hesitate to get in touch with US Coachways Inc. for your Washington DC party bus rental needs.

Rock Creek Park Horse Riding Center

franklin roosevelt statue washington dc party bus rental attractionApr 4, 2013 -Located deep into the woods of Rock Creek Park, not only will Washington DC party bus rental visitors get the chance to find peace, time to relax and let go, but also the experience of riding a horse and bonding with them. There is most definitely something about horses that is so serene, something you can’t quite put your finger on but can connect to at a whole brand new level of understanding. Here, guests will also share their time with those who are a deep love for horses as they learn how to handle, connect with and ride a horse. There are classes, tours and camps for larger groups of people. In fact, once the basic skill of riding a horse is learned, one can actually request for trail ride together with the trainers.

Surprise your loved ones or kids during their birthday or a special occasion with a trip to Rock Creek because even first time horse riders will find it an enriching experience. Others who have their hearts already captured by those magnificent creatures vouched for the people and horses there and promised to come back for another trail ride.

The most important thing about handling horses is knowing that they are very sensitive creatures and this requires the trainers and riders to be exceptionally patient and understanding with the horses. And this, the trainers have fulfilled. The trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and patient when dealing with the creatures and first time riders.

And of course, there is the bonus of a scenic tour around the Rock Creek park. Mother Nature seems to have blessed the place with a scenic view and an abundance of resources which renders it almost self-sustainable. The trail is hilly, for sure, but this is nothing the horses can’t handle and for the riders and visitors, it is incredibly fun and exciting. One word of advice from experienced visitors - overlook the fact that one is going to get a little dirty after the ride. When you are done with your Washington DC party bus rental visit, it will all be worth it in the end.

The center provides visitors with boarding rooms and dorms for those who are interested in staying on for a longer period of time. If that is the case, requests for walkthroughs at the stable is permitted, visitors need to obtain permission and request a guide for the walkthrough so that they can pat the horses and get up close and personal.

Some visitors are surprised with how well-maintained and clean the stables are and some would even volunteer to help out at the stable. An experience like that will completely change one’s view about these regal horses.

An experience like this Washington DC party bus tour is, frankly speaking, is really quite impossible to forget.

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